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Apr , Large or small, container gardens offer some great incentives Take, for instance, the low (to no!) occurrence of weeds, or the ability to modify the soil for what you want to grow some plants prefer acidic soil, others basic and container gardening allows you to be plant specific in a way that in ground

May , How to Create DIY Conrete Planter Pots by The Wood Grain Cottage Here s how I made them I started with basic black plastic pots, you know, the kind that your plants come in when you buy them Large Concrete Pots by The Wood Grain Then I started mixing my ingredients Portland

Mar , In small gardens or on patios, a well planted pot or container brings plants and flowers and their fragrances Most outdoor containers are made of fired clay (glazed or unglazedI include ceramics in this category), wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal, freezing, and come in a variety of affordable prices.

May , Oh no! You ve been working in your garden or outdoor area and have accidentally broken a pot or planter (or you ve discovered some broken ones after finally getting in there to survey after a long winter) Don t throw them away! There are three things you can do with those broken pots and planters to get

I think we can all agree that we would not be in favor of large scale replacement of living plants with plastic ones, and one enduring true test of whether I think it s funny that you claim the environmental damage of buying real plants from nonlocal sources is worse than flying to Paris to buy fake plants.

Mar , In the past, I ve gotten my planters at Sunset Nursery, Ikea and in the Flower District in L.A They all have good selections, but I was never totally satisfied, nor could I ever find exactly what I was looking for at decent prices I really like the cylindrical planters in both white and terra cotta and they are pretty

Oct , Also, the inserted flower pot can be housed in a thick plastic bag if you re using plants that do not like their roots constantly wet Many annuals, though, are fine with this If your pond is really large, you can attach a leash to the floating planter to make it easier to pull it back to shore For smaller ponds like

Jul , We provide a cart for stores and customers to return plastic plant trays, pots and tags, regardless of condition No matter where consumers purchase the plant, they are encouraged to return the materials to a Lowe s Garden Center to be recycled Once the pots and trays are returned to the store, they are

My parents have been growing them for years in a large terra cotta st berry pot near their front door These suckers So a couple summers ago, I asked my mom if she would bring me some hens and chicks so I could plant them in some containers on our back patio The last ones came in a plastic st berry pot.

May , Look for a smooth concrete made of sand and no large rocks, typically used to repair concrete or as a top coat for rough surfaces As long as the planter It may take a bit of work, but if they were well oiled this is where you will thank me concrete garden planter made from plastic container I have used the

Jun , So I buy plants that are really cheap, but I also try to buy the correct potting materials The good news is that both of these things can be easily purchased at a home improvement store or big box chain What you need (some links contain affiliates) succulents in plastic containers (with holes in the bottom)

Mar , Photo Credit The Amanda (flickr) The Missouri Botanical Gardens operates the most extensive public garden recycling program in the nation The Plastic Pot Recycling program has saved over million pounds of plastic garden pots, cell packs and trays from landfills You can drop off your garden plastics

Oct , Boxwood is one of the most versatile and robust growing evergreens available for planting in my zone There are a number of great cultivars Green Velvet matures at by , and keeps its great color all winter Green Mountain is virtually identical to Green Velvet, but grows to tall by wide.

Apr , In general, you should always try to buy the youngest plants you can find First off, I ve found that root bound plants are often dehydrated plants, because the pots are mostly full of roots, making the soil hard and water repellent If this is If there are any big, long roots circling the root ball, trim those short.

The Word secret to making your DIY Flower Planters have maximum impact! Rule to share with you You need to purchase each of these types of flowers for maximum impact Place your plants (while still in their plastic pots) inside your planter to get a good idea how you re going to arrange them Make sure it s not

Apr , AS I POTTED UP SOME PLANTS TODAY, I ran short on potting soil and then I remembered With big pots, in particular, there s sometimes no need to fill the entire vessel, which is often deeper than the roots of Hint It involves recycling garden center leftovers, like plastic soil bags and empty six packs.

Jan , Made exactly as I described above, peat pots are usually larger and thicker containers which can hold a plant until it reaches a reasonably large size It s also an option for If you buy one of Jiffy s peat pellet starter kits, they also have a plastic tray with round indentations for the discs The Jiffy peat pellets

May , Before every gardening season it s a good idea to wash, rinse and disinfect your seed starting pots There are many very good reasons for this, all boiling down to avoid giving your baby plants a dirt disease. Confession time it s been probably four years since I ve given my pots a proper scrub down.

Jun , I have come across many clay flowerpots and planters I absolutely adore only to pick them and find out they do not have any drainage holes It s a big disappointment, considering pretty much all plants need adequate drainage to survive however, it s not that difficult to drill drainage holes yourself with just

Apr , The sooner you start your seeds, the bigger the plants will be when it s time to put them in the soil, and the quicker you ll be able to begin harvesting food sell plastic trays and pots, soil blocks, or peat pots to use for starting seeds indoors, but if you d like to start your seeds without having to go purchase a

May , I ordered two of these Bombay planters online and had them shipped for free to my local Walmart since they were sold out at my store If you have a really tall planter like this, add packing peanuts, empty plastic post upside down, or something else light weight to the bottom half of pot so you don t