floor coverings for outside patios

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

May , In fact, rethinking what the surface is like and how the space is framed, and making some simple additions, can help revive a patio and create a more This patio is framed by a stunning house and a gorgeous landscape, but look at how the concrete patio comes to life as dappled shade dances on the

Jun , It may seem simple, but dressing up the floor plane by adding an outdoor rug that picks up the color of your home or the colors used in the surrounding landscape can transform an OK Not only will you get the shade you crave, but you ll also have the benefit of a bit more privacy, should you desire it.

Jul , Patio floor The patio is a poured concrete slab with a lightly washed sand finish (lightly washed and swept with a broom to expose the sand) The concrete slab covers the whole concrete patio area, including what appears to be floating concrete tiles, and is twice as thick as it appears ( inches, rather

Jul , Modern Patio by David Rolston Landscape Architects David Rolston Landscape Architects Cover up the pipes in an artistic way This glass mosaic longboard There s great contrast between the natural texture of the pebbled walls and tiled floor and the industrial size metal spouts Pipe Shower Marcel

Oct , Here are of the most popular patio photos uploaded to Houzz from July through September, as measured by the number of users who added them to One of the new elements is a babbling waterfall that covers the sounds of the dense neighborhood and makes the patio feel like a relaxing getaway.