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Jun , BT House in Brazil by Studio Guilherme Torres with a bulky concrete first floor balanced above pale brick walls and tall grasses Guilherme Torres explains As soon as I saw the gently sloped plot surrounded by other houses, the idea of this large panel came to me, to ensure privacy for both the

Sep , A large brewery dubbed Ateliê W?ls, in Olhos d Agua, Brazil was recently completed by Brazil based design firm, Gustavo Penna Arquiteto Associados Exuding minimalist sensibilities with contemporary flair, the design is punctuated by a large sculptural wood roof, while including a restaurant, shop,

Sep , Built by MM Arquitetos in S?o Paulo, Brazil with date The wood paneling gives warmth to the environment, making it comfortable, next to blue armchairs and dressers Copper luminaires were designed and developed specifically for this project gaining prominence on the walls of every floor.

Mar , Espa?o Cultural Porto Seguro by S?o Paulo Arquitetura The building has an asymmetric form comprising both chunky concrete walls, tilted to give a folded appearance, and wooden latticework Espa?o Cultural Porto Seguro by S?o Paulo Arquitetura These folds compound the technical organisation,

May , Eucalyptus globulus timber uses catalogue wood flooring, windows, wall panels, structural elements Eucalyptus globulus wood Alves JM, Silva GGC, Azevedo MR The Brazil Eucalyptus Potential Productivity Project Influence of water, nutrients and stand uniformity on wood production.

Oct , Completed in in S?o Paulo, Brazil Images by Pedro Vannucchi The Project brief determined that the time allotted to finish the building should guide the design concept the schedule was days to build a

Dec , In the lateral of the hall, the balcony outside is surrounded by large wooden bench, serving as a protection Balcony House in Brazil with a Large Glass Panel Facade In the intermediate floor are the social areas the living room and dining room, which join the outdoor kitchen, outdoor deck and infinity

Jan , Vila Mariana Residence by Cristiane Bergesch is an inspiring renovation project delivered in S?o Paulo, Brazil The square meter home with two levels was completely redesigned to serve the modern living needs of a young couple Improving the ventilation and lighting systems was one important

Feb , Concrete photography studio in S?o Paulo, Brazil, by Studio MK with folding walls that let the garden be included in shoots This space opens with folding wooden panels, painted red, onto a deck where you can once again see the tree tops a pleasant space for meetings on sunny days Studio R by

Aug , Completed in in Campos do Jord?o, Brazil of the leftover material was used, allowing the composition of the kitchen wall (remaining pieces of cedar wood from coverage structure), kitchen countertop and cabinet (old sign for the farm), bathroom countertops and pine trim (left from the outer

Apr , Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan s two new residential projects SPenthouse, S?o Paulo, and the remote Jungle House are an expression of Brazilian modernism The most prominent element is the wood lined central core , with floor to ceiling hardwood panels and a stone floor Every one of the

Sep , Completed in in Porto Feliz, Brazil Images by Fran Parente Nestled longwise into the site and The house asserts a contemporary and elegant interior design with white walls contrasting with the yellowish of Cumaru wood panels and structure The floor finishing is light grey cement and the fireplace

Jul , Elegant apartment designed by Ambidestro, situated in Porto Alegre, Brazil On the fireplace wall, AMBIDESTRO designed a natural wood panel that dresses the whole wall and serves as well to hide the apartment entrance door thus creating an element of surprise already in the apartment entrance.

Nov , The sense of spaciousness and linearity is increased by the floor covering, a large rack and a wood panel wall on the opposite side Designed by the architect, the panel has an almost imperceptible toilet door Previously a second bathroom, the toilet walls are covered by a wallpaper The shower was

Jun , Grecia House is located on a corner plot featuring sq m in a residential area in S?o Paulo, Brazil Casa Grecia by Isay Woodframes and exterior wooden panels Legno marcenaria, Pillon marcenaria Walls plaster painted white pre cast concrete panels wood panels fabric panels Flooring

Apr , CASA, Hola Arquitectura, Brazil, translucent building skin, interactive house, wooden lovers House is an ambitiously smart prefab house that comes with a whole host of high tech amenities such as radiant heat flooring, photovoltaic roof, and custom designed vinyl panels to screen your glass walls.

Dec , The project makes extensive use of laminated eucalyptus wood for the structure and freijo wood for the facade panels The main elements of the house were almost entirely pre fabricated at a facility in S?o Paulo and then put together on site, a location bound by many conditions designed to maintain the

Oct , The home s structure was made from certified ma?aranduba wood, a fruit tree native from South America that is also used for its latex The indoor space is large, unique and very flexible The walls were simply made with precast panels and OSB, and the roof from T Plak, a recycled Tetra Pak cartons plaque.

Nov , Casa EK is an open plan holiday home on Brazil s lush Baleia Beach, designed by Studio Arthur Casas take an interactive tour Vertical gardens of patterned plants cover the external walls on the ground floor, while the interior walls are painted a warm light beige, referencing the sandy beach and

Jan , Built by Isay Weinfeld in S?o Paulo, Brazil with date Rodeio is a very traditional churrascaria (steakhouse) in S?o Paulo, Brazil those origins, seen on the ropes hanging on walls, on the cowhides used to upholster chairs and cover walls, and on the dark wood found on panels and the ceiling.

The fortress of an exterior is transformed by retractable glass walls that open the structure to absorb its Brazilian surroundings and inset wood cladding beyond the vast open plan living space, marks a shift in ambience from that which is social to that which is more intimate, as it continues through the four bedrooms and

On the upper level large, wide vertical shades of wood can be adjusted to keep the sun out while still enjoying the view of the pool below View in gallery dual direction concrete home surrounds poolside courtyard brazil The wrapping of the poolside courtyard by the home and concrete barrier wall creates an intimate

Quietly concealed behind a green grass wall, this extravagant home boasts stone and wood for its exterior, with a spectacular outdoor living area at its heart Palm trees reach high above the lap pool, which stands between the gorgeous poolside lounge and the glass enclosed modern interior Overhead, wood panels can

Aug , Confronted with this dilemma, the solution was to propose a lattice wooden panel that elegantly hangs from the edge of the roof and acts as a brise that filters the heat and sunlight while projecting shadows over floor and walls in the form of a beautiful graphic design Brasil house with contemporary design

Feb , This apartment located in S?o Paulo, Brazil was remodeled in , with wood as its principal element, giving it sobriety and elegance We have a kitchen, directly connected to the rest of the space, separated only by a series of adjustable panels that can turn the home into a space that invites interaction.

Sep , AR Arquitetos Designed This Comfortable Apartment in S?o Paulo, Brazil by Magaly The bedroom and living room are separated by a wooden panel, creating a sort of wrap for this hydraulic core, where the white floor, ceiling, and walls emphasize the apparent concrete from the structure The modern

Apr , Brazilian architects Studio mk have completed a house in Salvador, Brazil, where the exterior walls consist of sliding latticed wooden panels The project, called Bahia House, was designed specifically for a hot climate and uses traditional Brazilian building techniques and materials, including clay for the

Jul , Guilherme s own house, designed by the architect himself, bears a chequered wood design, a kind of brise soleil called muxarabie, which is a classic feature in Eastern architecture It was later assimilated by the Portuguese, who brought it to Brazil This element, with its powerful aesthetic appeal, was

Jun , Completed in in Jardim Paulista, Brazil R Caconde Jardim Paulista, S?o Paulo, Brazil The served rooms bedroom and living room separated by a wooden panel constitute a sort of wrap for this hydraulic core, where the white floor, ceiling and walls emphasize the apparent concrete from the