plastic sheet extruding machine

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Oct , D E MARSHALL METHODWOF AMALGAMATING AND EXTRUDING SOAP Sheets Sheet Filed Feb The conventional soap extruding machine is of the worm or screw and barrel type, which inherently is an inefficient pumping device utterly incapable of handling high viscosity (hard to deform) chips and

An air ring for supplying cooling air to a hot extruded plastic film after the film has been extruded from an annular extrusion die at an elevated temperature has an annular body (,) which surrounds the tubular film after the film has left the extrusion die The said body (,) has a

) This invention relates to extrusion dies for plastic materials and more particularly to means for regulating the width of the plastic film or sheet extruded from The deckles allow adjustment of the width of the extruded film while the machine is in operation, such adjustment requiring only the use of a standard wrench.

Dec , A method of blown film extrusion of polyolefins having high elongational viscosity which is independent of applied stress, and high melt strength steps of extruding molten polyolefin material through an annular die to form a tubular film, withd ing said tubular film from said die in a machine direction, and

A TTORNE YS United States Patent O ,, METHUD F MANUFACTURING REINFORCED PLASTIC SHEET William R Mclelvy, Atlanta, Ga assignor to Lamex, Inc To minimize heat l oss after extrusion, orifice is immediately above a point on roll at which film and the mesh lying thereon is introduced.

Mar , During this period of time, the person of ordinary skill in the art who made useful articles from plastic film, typically disposable diapers, covers, water repellant clothing, and the like, worked with the film on machinery and observed or studied its characteristics Refinements or adjustments in the machinery as

Jun , The extrusion coating machine and system for controlling the thickness of the plastic film are shown in FIG The plastic material is fed into a hopper , is heated and melted in extruder , and discharged into die The material is extruded as a flat film and bonded to a web in the nip of a resilient

Jun , Closed loop control apparatus and methods for reducing ripples in an extruded plastic sheet include, for example, a closed loop speed control system having a roll speed sensor, a roll speed controller, and a roll drive The roll speed sensor is communicatively coupled to the active extruder roll and

Jul , The method for thermoforming articles out of a sheet of plastic material including initially applying a negative pressure to the cavity and a first forming gas to the second side of the sheet facing the male mold section, switching to a second pressurizing gas for a period of time to allow a level of crystallization

Jul , A continuous compression process for the production of thin gauge UHMWPE sheet has been used by Crown Plastics, Harrison, Ohio, U.S.A In this non extrusion process a roller belt press previously manufactured by Hoover Ball and Bearing Co as the Lam N Hard laminator, and as described for use in

An apparatus and method for manufacturing corrugated plastic drainage tubing and which comprises an extruder having an extrusion die for extruding a smooth many tube corrugating machines are designed with a built in cooling device along the upper surface, and this results in the tube produced by such equipment

For example, in a polyethylene film extruding process such impurities can cause breakage in the blown film exiting from the extruder die Screening of the fluid polymer creates a resistance to flow of the polymer thereby causing a back pressure in the extruder system which helps to obtain better melting and mixing of the

Nov , Build the open source Filabot Wee extruder to melt plastic pellets into inexpensive printer filament, and even recycle old prints By Tyler Cut, drill, and bend the gauge sheet metal, per the d ings, to make the motor mount, back chamber support, front chamber support, and side brackets Cut and

It is well known that plastic sheet material can be formed by extrusion with a conventional extruding machine and a suitable die The sheet forming die generally consists of two die blades which define an elongated slot or gap constituting the die orifice The width of the slot controls the ultimate thickness of gauge of the

Feb , This video is an exerpt from our Extruder Operation and Control Single Screw Lesson course This program uses state of the art animation technology to teach the fundamentals of single screw technology, including parts and operation, plastics used for extrusion, extruder controls, safety procedures,

A strip die for extruding high melt viscosity thermoplastic materials into sheet which includes a midstream valving restrictor bar of sectioned configuration l DS ,, Tyrner [) ,, Von Erdberg DS OTHER PUBLICATIONS Schenkel, International Plastics Engineering, ctober,

Mar , Provided is a plastic sheet for rear projection screens, which has a two or more multi layered structure and which can be readily warped without being unfavorably swollen or waved The plastic sheet is constructed to have a two or more multi layered structure, in which the coefficient of linear expansion (at

May , The FDS self piercing, self extruding, self thread forming screw saves weight on cars and trucks, including the F Ford truck of the special point locally heats the material into a plastic state, facilitating both the piercing of the upper sheet (Step ) and forming the extrusion in the lower sheet (Step ).

May , The blown film extrusion line is of the type which includes a heated extruder for melting and pressurizing a flow of molten plastic resin, an annular die the thickness variations create problems for subsequent downstream conversion equipment such as printing presses, laminators, or bag machines.


HENDRY INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE O Sheets Sheet Filed May d A s Kym m O E v E f E m m V Zhmerttor JAMES l V handling thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials but it also eliminates the necessity for separate machines for injecting and extruding thermoplastics.