decking on uneven ground

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Oct , Roof bolt bearing plate and method are disclosed for use in underground mining operations A dome shaped roof bolt bearing plate and method support the roof in a mine The bearing plate is round or elliptical different from conventional commercial roof support devices No dangerous edges and corners

Jan , This neat one bedroom studio in Brisbane, Australia, is raised above the ground on steel posts Considering the A curved roof mimics this slope, while the platforms upon which the house is built imitate the deck of a yacht or cruise ship Modern Exterior by To build on uneven ground In Scottsdale

Jul , Yes, I am constantly trying to find ways of putting thing on cupboards (or cupboard like cabinets) My problem is opposite of yours ceilings not high enough, and most of what I want up there won t fit And I also have uneven platforms to deal with light canisters in the cupboards, shape of the cupboards, etc.

The ground is uneven but after we laid out two of the largest pallets we had a level floor that was raised off the ground which was ideal for preventing water damage We then placed the walls and everything seemed to matchup nicely It was great to test out the dimensions first before installing anything deck floor After we

Jan , There are numerous types and shapes of erosion control blocks for covering a ground area to prevent erosion of the underlying earth material can occur when the blocks are picked up by a spreader bar and suspended by the cables threaded therethrough, or when installed on uneven terrain.

Oct , Cons Metal edging comes in long lengths, up to about feet ( meters), and installing it over uneven ground can be difficult, as it curves backward and forward but doesn t flex up and down Used in combination with other materials, it can help visually merge areas such as decking and pathways Also

Jul , I guess it s more important when the deck is bigger, higher, and will be holding more weight, but since ours is just a few feet from the ground and only by adding the two band boards that would finish off the exposed edge of the deck that currently sported some uneven joists just dangling over the edge.

Jan , A base structure for a ball court, and in particular a squash court, with a supporting structure resting on a base and a floor forming a playing surface resting on the supporting structure The floor comprises a plurality of safety glass panes laid adjacent each other and which are freely vertically movable

Feb , Before you begin construction, it s important to consider how to address the underside of the deck and accompanying staircase If the deck will extend from the second story, this can be quite a lot of potentially usable space There will be less space to address if the deck will extend from the ground level

Jul , This will create ideal uneven surfaces for optimal absorption and diffusion Add acoustic panels Emmi says the best solution for sound quality would be to start from the ground up before construction or during a remodel and install acoustic panels behind the sheetrock, or as insulation You can purchase

May , This article is a step by step guide for how we built it, and if you ve read our article for building a deck, you ll see some similarities Editors update The shed has been We were careful not to dig too deep because we wanted the concrete footers to rest on undisturbed ground Tip Before you start digging,

Mar , At its worst, a very uneven floor will result in broken or loose tiles and cracked grout joints Slightly uneven floors can cause tile corners to protrude, especially on larger sized tiles ( x or larger) Professional Paint can be scraped or ground away, or it can be removed with chemicals Scraping

Dec , When dealing with uneven, icy, or other questionable surfaces and if a strong wind condition exists secure the ladder in some way Have a firefighter hold or foot it, or tie the ladder to a substantial object Take all measures to ensure that no member falls when operating and to keep the ladder secure should

For example, the cargo box of a pickup truck can be three or more feet off of the ground, making it difficult to load or unload cargo to and from the cargo box Various attempts have been made in the past , , illustrates a vehicle having a U shaped chassis with a drop tray decking The tray is powered by hydraulics at