small recycled plastic composite parts definition

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Jul , A composite material having thermoplastic properties and comprising organic matter and optionally one or both of inorganic matter and plastic with unique of articles said composite material in the form of granules or any other form may be mixed with other materials such as recycled or virgin plastics and

Nov , An extruded composite structural artificial lumber product is manufactured from wood fiber and polyethylene, including recycled polyethylene, about two parts finely divided wood fiber and one part finely divided recycled thermoplastic material, along with a lesser amount of thermosetting plastic material.

The composites comprise a polymer component comprising polyolefins preferably obtained as waste or recycle a rubbery polymeric component preferably long term solution to the growing volume of waste polymer, particularly polyolefins, would be to utilize the waste plastic as a component in construction materials that

Feb , The composite materials can be in the form of non woven, discontinuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic stampable sheets with controlled fiber orientation a sheet of aligned discontinuous fibers having a relatively long axis and a small cross section which comprises a vertically oriented chamber defining a

Dec , These are all part of the Circular Cities Network, launched by cities in with a pledge to apply circular approaches to urban challenges with Thread International to launch ink cartridges made from bottles recycled in Haiti, which creates jobs there and prevents plastic from polluting the Caribbean.

Feb , A method for molding composite structural plastic components is disclosed wherein such components are cast from a polymerizable thermoset or thermoplastic composition in a conventional providing a soft tool mold having a pre defined cavity therein conforming to a structural part configuration b.

Oct , For example, the company overhauled its Play Doh can design, switched to paperless labels printed directly on the can, added a tapered edge more conducive for consumer reuse and put recycling symbols on the can and lid While these might seem like small changes, in Hasbro cranked out more

Oct , Life adheres to plastic, and for the most part, plastic can only be recycled if it s clean or cleaned Another issue is that plastics have to be separated by type, i.e PP, PE, etc In an ocean plastic scenario where all these bits are crazy small, this requires spectroscopic analysis that identifies plastic by the

Jan , Further, only about of traditional thermoplastic polymers, i.e HDPE, PP and PET, which are recyclable, are commonly recycled in North America The non recycled plastic materials are currently disposed of by a variety of processes from landfill disposal to energy recovery through thermal and chemical

Feb , Jute and kenaf fiber composite materials and methods for producing same WO A Economic Viability of Recycled Wood Fibre Plastic Conference Toronto, Ontario May , Woodhams, R.T The term jute like includes jute, kenaf, roselle, aramina, and sunnhemp (crotelaria).

Dec , Chemical recycling is a term used to refer to processes that convert plastic materials into smaller molecules, usually liquids or gases, which are suitable for use as a feedstock for the production of new petrochemicals and plastics The term chemical is used because the chemical structure of the polymer is

Oct , The inventor s vehicle will use bar code pieces of plastic to identify the specific plastic material to assist in future recycling The term chassis parts will refer to simple geometric shaped composite aluminum polymer members which may be adhesively connected or otherwise bonded together to form

Aug , Ban the toxic beads now! Tiny plastic beads in everything from shower gel to toothpaste are poisoning oceans and threatening health It s time for them to be outlawed Microbeads are part of the greater problem of plastic polluting our oceans Every year, around eight million tonnes of plastic in the

May , A polymer (from the Greek words polys, meaning many, and meros, meaning parts ) is a chemical compound consisting of large molecules, each of which is a long chain made up of small structural units that are linked together by covalent chemical bonds Each structural unit, called a monomer (Greek

Feb , A system for making synthetic wood products from waste wood fiber and recycled plastic material by mixing waste wood fiber having a moisture content as well as with reference to examples in which specific starting materials and specific processing parameters are set forth, preferred embodiments of the

Jun , Accordingly, only a small fraction of plastics used are recycled, the rest going into landfills, incinerators, and dumps There is clearly a long felt need for a way to reuse plastics without requiring such extensive effort and processing The incorporation of plastics into building materials has been described in

Mar , A compound composite structure is a combination of plastics and other materials forming a structure usable in the fabrication of manufactured products or components A compound composite structure is composed of a thermoplastic resin material bonded to, by mixture with, a composite reinforcing

Mar , In another form, the invention relates to the recycling of plastic materials containing flame retardants, including the recycling of plastics materials, such as A moulded composite plastics product as claimed in claim wherein the toner is present in an amount greater than up to a maximum of .

May , A part according to claim , characterised in that it comprises at least two layers of different polyolefin materials A part according to claim or , characterised in that it comprises a core or an inner or at least one intermediate layer of recycled plastic material A part according to one of the preceding

Sep , In a preferred embodiment, a three dimensional part is made of filly dense metal, plastic or composite materials In another preferred embodiment, embedded small components such as electronic circuitry, fiber optics, micro sensors, actuators, processors and mechanisms can be located or developed in the

Jan , The composite structure or component comprises a core layer having two outer layers on each side of the core layer The outer layers This invention relates generally to the use of recycled scrap materials and, in particular, to the production of molded, multi layered structural panels using such materials.

Apr , The odor controlled bio plastic composite of claim , said plastic material comprising at least in part recycled thermoplastic material On the contrary, the intent is to cover all alternatives, modifications and equivalents as included within the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the appended

Dec , Asymmetrical glycols are an important ingredient and can be used to digest recycled PET to make oligomeric glycols which are reacted with acids having fewer The use of plastic materials, such as fiberglass reinforced thermosetting polyester resins for exterior auto and truck parts, has steadily increased.