corrugated plastic roofing under a deck

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Oct , A roofing system includes a strong nonmetallic mesh fabric placed loosely over an array of purlins, and secured fast at the periphery of the roof it sags substantially between the purlins, to improved its loading capability and to provide room under the roofing panels for a substantial thickness of insulation.

Aug , However, when composition shingles are applied over a wood containing decking substrate, such as a composite roof deck system, it is necessary to provide venting underneath the shingles to prevent cracking or splitting of shingles and to maintain the decking in a dry condition It is difficult to provide

Jan , A modular steel framed construction mold apparatus comprised of a plurality of contiguous foundation, cavity wall and roof deck void spaces defined and formed by (f) casting concrete fill into the foundation void space of said mold apparatus using the Tremis method of casting concrete under water which

Apr , A method of building a roof wherein a horizontally disposed roof deck assembly is formed comprising a sheet of corrugated steel material, preferably side of the corrugated sheet material to restrain the ridges from above against lateral distortion under loading, thus forcing the corrugated sheet to maintain

Mar , A roof drain receptacle for mounting on the roof deck of a roofing structure and including an upwardly opening drain body with an externally disposed apparatus for adjustably extending and supporting the drain body so that its open upper end is in the proper drain water receiving position relative to the top

Jun , What is that called Looks like the corrugated plastic stuff that we use for sheds, but much much heavier and nicer looking One question though What is going to happen to all the water that goes into your gravel pit you created under your deck when it gets near freezing permalink embed save give

Sep , The collapsible rigid hull boat assembly of claim , wherein said top deck section members are formed of sheets of corrugated plastic In addition, there is excessive hull flexure inherent in the skin over frame construction that allows the hull to distort its shape as waves pass under it again causing

Sep , A method of installing a drain in a floor structure, wherein the floor structure is a corrugated floor structure comprising , filed on May , , in the name of Lawrence Warnecke and titled Drain Support Plate under Deck Clamp, and published as U.S Patent Application Publication No.

Sep , In the insulated metal deck structure of claim wherein said insulation is moisture pervious and poured concrete is above said corrugated metal However, such structures do contribute to the spread of a fire in a building under such a metal roof deck Plastic or metal corrugated material is suitable.

Aug , For example, corrugated sheets of fiber glass plastic are commonly used as roofs for structures such as decks attached to residential homes The upper corrugated surfaces of these roofs tend to collect dirt and debris in the grooves of the corrugated surface The accumulation of dirt and debris detracts both

Aug , A self seal ring for creating a water tight seal around a nail used in affixing a roof shingle, underlayment and insulation to a roof deck The self seal ring of claim wherein said release liner is selected from the group consisting of waxed paper, polycoated paper, film based paper and plastic .

The loose assemblage of wood and plastic under a corrugated metal roof was accessorized by a sleeping room strung with hammocks, a cooking area with a gas bean casserole, finished with store bought cookies three of us slept in hammocks in the fisherman s hut, two opted for air mattresses on the deck under the

Feb , A roof ridge vent assembly according to claim , wherein said openwork material is a corrugated material A roof ridge vent assembly according to claim , wherein said air and water impermeable material is UV resistant and is selected from the group consisting of a rubber, a flexible plastic, and an

Jun , Taking into consideration varying heights of both fascia trim and the brackets themselves, I started at the roof end opposite of the eventual gutter outlet and installed one bracket a This gutter system is designed where the back edge of gutter slips in under a clippy thing at the back of the bracket.

Nov , Corrugated plastic walls envelop this Spanish house by local architects Casos de Casas to insulate against the summer heat and winter chill living space has glass sliding doors and an adjacent a narrow galley kitchen with concrete floor and a long wooden worktop situated under a high level window.

I replaced all the rotted posts with salvaged ×s, hung new floor joists, and covered them with corrugated steel roofing to create dry storage underneath All the decking was castoff from my next door neighbor, and I didn t realize the weathered boards were beautiful clear cedar until I started running them through my planer