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Jul , From ├╝ber Ambitious to Super Simple Privacy Fences Screens You Can Make Yourself a good chance you have some wire or zip ties laying around You could also use bamboo poles (also available at big box home stores) to recreate the look of Joyce s Outdoor Oasis, pictured up top! @lettersparrow.

These easy outdoor projects, including a shutter privacy fence and DIY outdoor sectional, give you a sense of accomplishment and make your yard more livable Daniel did all the hard work of dreaming up the curtains, so a DIY newbie can definitely recreate the project, which uses easy to find materials like washers and

Dec , Before this new rule, family child care providers had to depreciate a fence, patio or driveway over years and home improvements over years Arnetta had the following expenses in one year , new kitchen floor tile, to paint the outside of her home, and to repair her stroller, bicycles,

Jun , A new fencing system uses the same tried and tested hardware as a standard sliding gate, but with a twist the vertically operable slats sink into The Fancy Fence s vertical mechanism reduces the overall footprint needed for sliding or swinging gates, meaning that the space adjacent to the fence can be

Sep , When to use This fence is a great choice for a low building, as it keeps the eye low and moving around the space It also feels warm and soothing to the garden visitor, not unlike a hug The degree of privacy can be manipulated by the spacing of the lumber Notice how the lines of the fence shown here

Patch Flooring Replace the missing floor boards with matching wood flooring of the same species and width When possible use matching flooring from the house, such as that found in a closet or flooring that may have been removed during renovation Sand and Refinish Floor Sand and refinish the floor so the old and

This is designed as a cat run, but would work for guinea pigs, too It has a snap together rail system and is weather resistant, and it comes with two doors for easy access It sells for at mesh outdoor run This pop up mesh tent can be used for a guinea pig run, but note that it has a mesh floor, so if you

Jun , I contemplated putting a reclaimed fence top on it It was rough, and when I sanded the wood, all of the patina was gone .aside for.a.year hardwood floor top I recently dug it out of storage, and decided to use some spare hardwood flooring on it for a top I was short one board using full length