cutting plastic ceiling panels

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Jan , We got all ambitious and decided to tile the tub surround up to the ceiling It is full of boo boos, imperfections DO cover your floor and bathtub with plastic Trust me Mortar isn t fun to Our spacers were , so we always took that into account when measuring and cutting the tile Just for fun, here s one

Apr , For this install, Steve s crew is using USG Ultralight panels because they are easier to work with overhead They purchased a combination from the top down By starting with the ceiling, Steve s crew was able to hide gaps and cut edges along the corners where the ceiling and walls bulkhead meet.

Traditionally, solid wood, but these days wainscoting is also milled from plywood, plastic, and medium density fiberboard (MDF) So if the ceiling is feet, go for foot wainscoting They should all be the same, so avoid cutting individual panels down at corners and doorways to get them to fit walls of varying lengths.

Whether your wall is drywall or plasteror, like ours, drywall installed over damaged plasterhang plastic sheeting around the area to minimize dust while cutting You can use painter s tape or a pole system, such as ZipWall, whose telescoping poles hold up the plastic to enclose an area Then cut a window around the

I continued modelling the rest of the panel having carefully d n the outline of the quatrefoil on a plastic sheet to make sure the overall shape was correct The whole thing is inches square Completed clay model of the paper mache ceiling tile I repeated the mould making process with a cardbord and clay wall around

Embossed metal panels give your ceilings an authentic vintage look PVC At just a couple of ounces per square foot, these by foot molded plastic panels weigh next to nothing Glue them up or place them in a drop ceiling To hang a light fixture from it, cut out the center and run the wires through Shown No in

Jun , There are loads of things you can do to cut your energy bills and many don t involve stumping up any cash up front at all Aim to have as few holes cut into your ceiling as possible, because these holes let heat escape in winter and let it in during summer Install downlight covers over all downlights

A heating and air conditioning duct system for installation in drop ceilings utilizing T bar construction wherein ducts are formed of a suitable insulating light weight The duct may be made of any suitable material such as plastic or the combination of plastic and metal and formed by a suitable molding or other forming

Sep , Here s the thing, if your boards are cut just slightly off perfection, it gives the illusion that your ceiling is slightly wavy Sean put plastic EVERYWHERE, even down the walls ( or mil thick for the floors mil (thinner) for the walls to cover the furniture), and sprayed a section of ceiling with warm water,

Jan , We pulled some x beadboard panels and took them to the lumber cutting area We gave the To trim the panel, measure and cut your trim molding to fit around the panel I used beadboard above painted cabinets to fill the space exposed when I removed a drop ceiling, so this is the answer.

Apr , The modular panels are easily die cut from any water resistant, non metallic, rigid material, preferably an extruded plastic, such as a polyolefin polymer i each of said triangular roof and ceiling panels including a pair of first and second spaced radial fold lines spaced apart substantially equally and

Sep , When their architect suggested using decorative metal panels instead of replastering, the couple balked at first Tin ceilings So did cutting edge designers with a penchant for mashups and industrial materials Given enough time, plastic ceiling tiles themselves may seem like old fashioned goodness.

Feb , We now have recessed lighting in our ceiling and it really helps even out the lighting in the kitchen My electrician showed me how to make this cool tool out of a coat hanger to determine if there are any obstructions in the ceiling Then cut off the plastic coating and the paper coating from the wires.

Aug , If there s a weakness to this system it s the sled that rides on the rail There is some slop between the pieces, though I haven t noticed it affecting the quality of cut The bigger problem is that the sled is plastic and does not seem like it would survive more than one or two falls with a saw attached A metal base

Jan , Plastic shower curtain from the dollar tree cut to size paper towels work great with flash. Let s go crazy, four sheets of wax paper, BOOM love this guy!!!! Putting bigger sheets across the barn doors (out at degrees or so) would have added softening by making the light effectively bigger.