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Mar , The dual band antenna uses only one conductive signal feed to receive both GPS and SDARS signals such an embodiment, the antenna arrangements are suitably configured to cooperate with the relatively low dielectric constant (approximately ten or less) exhibited by the laminate dielectric material.

Dec , It is a natural composite, similar to fibreglass or the carbon fibre panels used in fighter wings and luxury cars Chains of cellulose, a Laminated wood lends itself at least as well as concrete to the flowing curves Oscar Niemeyer advocated for sound Brazilian reasons The Achilles heel of wood

Sep , It is a further object of the present invention, in accordance with one aspect thereof, to provide such a platform that is easier to install and use A ? to ? layer of cement or cement epoxy or any other suitable type of mortar is poured into each tray, forming a laminated unit, matching the coping around

Mar , Several papers were published subsequently dealing with the use of this technology to treat influenza infections in mice with rimantadine (Stephen, E L Dominik, J W Moe, J B Spertzel, R O Walker, J S Treatment of influenza infection of mice by using rimantadine hydrochloride by the aerosol and

Feb , Conventional methods for manufacturing business jet airframes with composite materials typically require extensive tooling fixtures and labor intensive assembly procedures One known method used by the Raytheon Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kans to manufacture the Premier I and Hawker Horizon

Aug , With their intrinsically light weight, there is nothing on the horizon that can compete with composite materials to reduce pollution for commercial and military aircraft, says Tsai, who did not contribute to the study But he says the aerospace industry has refrained from wider use of these materials, primarily

Oct , So for this test, both SS and SS were used in a Five seveN pistol and an AR rifle with a inch barrel against a surplus kevlar helmet and a level IIIA US Palm vest to see if the xmm round can in fact defeat armor Here are some mean little SS rounds These rounds are restricted for sale

Jul , Black synthetic or wood laminate stock MSRP (synthetic), (walnut) The composite stock on these rifles is solid For testing I used the following ammunition Hornady Winchester gr ELD MATCH, Hornady Winchester grain A MAX, Hornady Winchester grain

Sep , Adjustment of pilot seated height, in relation to positioning and calibration of the HUD virtual image to the horizon, is key to the HUD system s configuration This critical adjustment is made through the use of an expandable telescopic arm that is integrated to the main housing The end of the arm holds the

Nov , In all these applications it is desirable to treat the surface of the aluminium so that the coating material will adhere strongly to the aluminium Examples of important industrial applications include the structural bonding of metal to metal and composite type assembly widely used in the aircraft industry and

May , An extruded D printer input, including a filament, wherein the input contains materials, composites and or mixtures thereof separated into layers or cross A method for printing a continuous or long object such as a printer filament wherein a planar conveyer system is used to allow continuous filament

Nov , This invention addresses environmental social and commercial uses and includes a monitoring system which is a network of on, in, out and off board The invention is a composite of a number unique innovations that also interface uniquely with other commercial products to develop a complete and

Mar , However, given the rise of small (below MW) to micro sized (below kW) turbines, composites can be used to save weight and reduce manufacturing Plies of fiber are laid on top of each other in varying orientations to achieve the necessary mechanical properties, creating a composite laminate.

Apr , Solution processable semiconducting polymers with excellent film forming capacity and mechanical flexibility are considered among the most progressive alternatives to conventional inorganic semiconductors However, the random packing of polymer chains and the disorder of the polymer matrix typically

Apr , Flexography is a method of printing that is commonly used for high volume relief printing runs on a variety of substrates such as paper, paperstock board, corrugated board, polymeric films, labels, foils, fabrics, and laminates Flexographic printing has found particular application in packaging, where it has

Santa Monica Basin and data used reflection profiles used in this study (light gray lines), and location of Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site cores seismic reflection data is shown in Figure TABLE DEPTH AND AGE OF SEISMIC REFLECTION HORIZONS Depth in composite ODP core (mbsf) Age.

Feb , Alba also says these boards meet the objectives defined in the European research programme Horizon , which focuses on the use of new materials Acoustic properties of agroforestry waste orange pruning fibers reinforced polypropylene composites as an alternative to laminated gypsum boards.

May , We report a highly efficient solar cell based on a submicrometer ( m) rutile TiO nanorod sensitized with CHNHPbI perovskite nanodots Rutile nanorods were grown hydrothermally and their lengths were varied through the control of the reaction time Infiltration of spiro MeOTAD hole transport

Sep , The large substrate with multiple primary seals applied may then be laminated to another large substrate and the individual mirror shapes can be cut out of the laminate after at least partially curing the primary seal material This multiple processing technique is a commonly used method for manufacturing

Nov , Structures and methods for joining composite fuselage sections and other panel assemblies together are disclosed herein The much larger Hawker Horizon fuselage, with an inch diameter, uses aluminum splice plates at two circumferential joints to join the three fuselage sections together into a

May , The aircraft of claim , further comprising at least one strut used to tighten the solar wing and maintain its shape, wherein the at least one strut has a range of various lightweight materials and designs, including but not limited to plastics, metal foils, carbon fibers, foams, fabrics, composite materials, etc.

Oct , Colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) offer a path toward high efficiency photovoltaics based on low cost materials and processes Spectral tunability via the quantum size effect facilitates absorption of specific wavelengths from across the sun s broad spectrum CQD materials ease of processing derives from

Nov , Meanwhile, the crew uses SCRIMP to bond E glass inner and outer skins to a closed cell foam core in the complex mold for the deck One critical element in the hull s layup process is substituting solid laminate core deletions in strategic locations in the hull to anchor through hull fittings that range from

Jun , Conserved gas can be used to inflate or pressurize additional survival devices or operate signal horns A small fishing vessel is spotted motoring across the horizon in the distance Finally, CO is a small molecule that can escape through tire inner tubes or worn portions of laminated inflatables.

Sep , This invention relates to a laminated glazing pane which may be used as an aircraft windshield The pane comprises at least two glass sheets connected together by an intermediate layer of polyvinyl butyral and, in its marginal zone, between at least one glass sheet and the intermediate layer, at least one

Oct , As used herein, GWP is measured relative to that of carbon dioxide and over a year time horizon, as defined in The Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion, , a report of the World Meteorological Association s Global Ozone Research and Monitoring Project, which is incorporated herein by