pergola attaching post to deck

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Aug , Protect yourself and your deck from the blazing sun with umbrellas, cloth, built structures or nature s perfect shading solution shading system with guide wires and the like, a few posts, some wires and fabric will set you back a minimal amount of money and be a really nice way to shade the patio.

A few of the more popular uses are for deck and outdoor patio covers These are called connected pergolas They just have supporting posts or columns on one side and the various other side is attached to your home A freestanding pergola like the one above would not be connected to a structure It has a full set of posts

Vinyl which can be found at most local places that specialize in materials for fencing and decks is the perfect solution if you don t want to ever think about If you have a colonial style home, a vinyl pergola with rounded columns instead of square shaped posts will blend in perfectly with the architectural style of the house

Apr , Note that both ends of the Front Deck Frame and one end of the Back Deck Frame will overhang the Side Deck Frames by These overhanging ends will be attached to the Posts with Lag Screws Clamp the Deck Frame to the Post and drill two pilot holes through the Deck Frame into the

Sep , This wall hanging is some faux greenery squares that I attached to the wall of the pergola, and I love how they add some life colour to this deck without the maintenance required of a real live wall The bits of purple in this wall hanging inspired me to add some purples to this design with a pillow, a lantern

Jun , Even before we decided to do the pergola, I was trying to figure out a way to add them to the deck and patio The strands are HEAVY and they need support (the instructions say to attach them to a cord or rope) plus I don t think we have a ladder tall enough to get them Thank you so much for this post!

We knew we needed to stain and seal the deck and pergola or in a few years we would have a rotting, rough and ugly grey deck (yuck!) So this fall we decided You will need to attach a take up tube to it, but once it is securely in place, you will just put the tube into your stain container and suck the stain into the StainStick!

Jan , Mark cut them to fit around existing posts on the deck, and secured it to the deck building the pallet wood deck securing pallets to deck, The Second Wind of Texas featured on Remodelaholic building pallet wood how to build a wooden pallet walk out patio, The Second Wind of Texas building a tiered

One of the first questions you have when you are building a pergola is whether or not an special permit is needed Their posts do not penetrate deep into the ground if they are not secured above ground They are usually Another determining factor will be whether or not you are attaching to an outside wall of the house.

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about decking and railing solution for a clean finish The white rails and balusters of Select can also mix and match with different colors of post sleeves, post sleeve caps and post sleeve skirts Installing a stair kit is a two person job For the typical

What I love about pergola s is that they can either be stand alone or attached to a structure Such a simple way to add an extension to your home or create a pretty outdoor room in a garden or near a pool Many home improvement stores sell pergola s that can be assembled or if you are handy, you could make one yourself.

Jun , How to string outdoor lights over a patio or deck Tips on the I really wanted to string another set out between the trees around our patio, but the river birch aren t strong enough for these heavy lights If you have a flat backyard and something to attach the wires to it would be a pretty easy DIY project.