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Mar , So during the short life of my house building company, I was pleased that the architect recommended I use metal roofs for the same reasons They look cool, they can last a lifetime, and they keep out summer heat much better than shingles The only problem is that in my area, the costs were spectacular.

May , The blast from an F B as it lands vertically is pretty fearsome, but the Marines, Navy and program office all say the effects are manageable I ve seen the landing spots on the USS Wasp after several days of F testing and spoken unsupervised with crew members The Wasp deck crew told me they were

Nov , Can the Kaladesh Planeswalker Deck headed by Chandra, Pyrogenius compete in Standard We re Against the Odds Planeswalker Deck in Standard (for Science) Deck Tech Sure, it costs five mana and is sorcery speed, but it at least gives our deck an out to creatures like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet.

Mar , BYD is pleased to partner with Transport for London to provide these zero emission, advanced technology buses that will help improve air quality in the greater London area and will also provide costs savings, said Isbrand Ho TfL challenged us to develop a clean, all electric bus that would meet their

Oct , The press release quotes a Navy technician who worked on the deck coating as saying, the Thermion shows no signs of heat stress, which is good for the F , and eventually good for all surface ships. Interesting I wonder if Thermion will be applied to the entire flight deck on amphibious assault ships

Hydrostatic Pressure If moisture wicks too quickly through your concrete, the epoxy will flake off To test this, tape a by piece of plastic onto the bare concrete floor, and leave it for hours If moisture collects on the bottom of the plastic, your floors likely have too much hydrostatic pressure or lack a vapor barrier under

Apr , Beyond that, the plastic films that many people buy tend to be more trouble than they re worth There is value in some of them if your screen struggles with glare or lacks proper oleophobic coating (i.e it attracts finger grease) but, especially with the cheaper stuff, they can be difficult to apply cleanly,

Wood decks, fences and siding deserve both the exceptional protection and the enduring beauty Chemline specially formulated wood coatings offer OEMs higher production levels and lower labor costs because they are fast cure products can be handled in a matter of minutes instead of several hours and require

Nov , The aim is to permanently save million per year, which will be fully reflected in earnings as of We want to build a best in class specialty chemicals company, said Christian Kullmann, chairman of the Executive Board That also requires bringing our costs in line with our aspiration. Cost savings

Nov , I m particularly interested in (somehow) making an infinite thopter army with Breya and turning that into infinite turns with [[time sieve]] i think any good thinking Esperian would agree that you can t have too much infinite! The only loop I ve seen so far is [[breya, etherium shaper]] [[nim deathmantle]] either

We are confident PressurePlus is the best treatment on the market for new and old pressure treated wood. Chemline specially formulated wood coatings offer OEMs higher production levels and lower labor costs because they are fast cure products can be handled in a matter of minutes instead of several hours and

Oct , Unaccustomed to the effect frigid temperatures and about a foot of snow could have on an extension cord, I opted for the lowest cost cord that offered the One owner calls it the best surge protector power strip he has ever used, while another says it s capable of handling more watts than the average

Apr , The knife edge helps cards weave together more easily Decks of cards made especially for magicians will often use a traditional cut as a selling point For instance Magician Turner, who is featured in the documentary Dealt, places a high value on this qualityhe has a signature line of cards that

Sep , As you know, watermelons don t much like being dropped from a great height as they tend to disintegrate on impact, an act that renders them useless However, coat it in a super tough protective spray and the outcome is very different .

Yet a piston s design and technology can also say a lot about the wider trends and challenges facing the auto industry The hard and slippery diamond like coating, or DLC, holds promise for cylinder liners, piston rings, and wrist pins, where it can eliminate the need for bearings between the pin and connecting rod But it s

Nov , Now that I ve got you all twisted up thinking neither one is better than the other I want to offer you a solution that will change the way you paint Often with old houses the best answer lies in using yesterday s techniques combined with today s technology Painting is one of those times In my studies and day

days ago No price information View Similar We check over million products every day for the best prices powered by TRD For three years in a row, the Dell XPS has been the best laptop we ve had the chance to review here at TechRadar and there s a reason for that Time and time again, Dell has proven

Jul , Maybe it s the low pile carpet of your swank tech or worship leader office Carpet, especially high grade, commercial loop, can be a great stage flooring option and is typically one of the most cost effective ways to finish the Additionally, many decks can come with a hard laminate surface on one side.

Although costs more initially, you ll never have to sand, stain or paint your deck In addition to improved performance, the shell technology offers Yes, a groove can be cut in the side of decking by using our Groove Cutter to accept our recommended hidden fasteners, a system that enables deck