anti slip floor treatment patent

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Apr , Patent Citations (), Classifications , Legal Events () Various substrate materials can be used for flooring including marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, dry shake, ceramic tiles, wood, laminate, Most slip resistant treatments are applied separately from the cleaning and polishing processes.

A conventional flooring material, described in Korean Patent Application Publication No , which includes a surface treatment layer, which contains beads and mica, in order to enhance the non slip, abrasion and scratch resistance , but due to the relatively low proportion of grain hollow

Jul , Such glass sheets may show anti slip properties and may advantageously be used as flooring A method of manufacturing a glass sheet in accordance with any of claims to by producing a surface roughness on a surface of the glass sheet, by means of an acid treatment of the surface of the glass

Jan , A skin staining tile etching solution providing anti slip properties to wet flooring tiles as recited in claim wherein said strong acid is phosphoric acid Finally, it is an object of this invention to provide a non slip flooring tile treatment employing hydrofluoric acid along with additives that reveal when skin

Nov , A friction enhancing coating composition is disposed in coated relation across the underside at an effective level to enhance sliding friction of the surface covering element The invention as recited in claim , wherein the surface covering element is at least one of flooring, counter top, or wall covering .

Aug , Engineered stone may also be used, for example, as interior and or exterior decorative wall tiles (panels), wall bases, tabletops, desktops, floor tiles, steps, phosphorescent agent(s), anti slip agent(s) in case of an engineered stone adapted to be used as a floor or other application needing an increased

Dec , Disclosed herein are a materials such as a coating, an elastomer, an adhesive, a sealant, a textile finish, a wax, and a filler for such a material, wherein the material includes an enzyme such as an esterase (e.g a lipolytic enzyme, a sulfuric ester hydrolase, an organophosphorus compound degradation

May , Patent Citations (), Referenced by (), Classifications The composition of claim wherein said working tool is selected from the group consisting of a hammer, wrench and paint brush roller ,, for a slip and wear resistant flooring and composition and method for producing the same.

Jan , A coated polyester film obtainable by coating a polyester film with a coating composition comprising at least an antifog additive, a cationic In particular, to improve the processing of the film in high speed packaging equipment slip and or anti blocking agents may be added to one or both of the outer layers.

A cleaning composition includes a fatty acid salt constituting up to about by weight of the composition, an anti slip agent constituting up to about In order to restore the stone surface has a glossy appearance, typically the first to use the floor machine, in a wet condition, by treating the surface of a

Sep , Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims We claim A non slip, waterproof, water vapor permeable material comprising a film of porous expanded polytetrafluoroethylene having first and second opposing surfaces, wherein said first surface is provided with a discontinuous coating of an

May , Floor surfaces, particularly those in public buildings, require not only abrasion resistance, but resistance to contamination or staining caused by tar or asphalt brought in by foot traffic from road or parking lot surface To be a successful floor coating composition, the resulting coating must adhere strongly to

Oct , Method of making an anti friction coating on metal by plasma spraying powder having a solid lubricant core and fusable metal shell US A US , May , , Jan , , W.S Molnar Company, Method of manufacturing an anti slip flooring product and anti slip flooring article.

Feb , A stable, crystallizing solution of magnesium silicofluoride and oxalic acid is disclosed which can be incorporated into a complete maintenance system covering daily and weekly maintenance along with the periodic maintenance process of crystallization for preserving the appearance of polished marble

Jun , Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims() What is claimed is An aqueous solution for treating concrete, glazed enamel or porcelain The generally recognized criterion for slip resistant floor surfaces is a coefficient of friction of obtained in the ASTM C or D standardize test.

Sep , Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims We claim An anti corrosion coating system comprising a first layer formed from a corrosion Decorative epoxy powders are used in a wide variety of applications, such as for light fixtures, garden equipment, floor cleaning machines, motor control

Sep , , , entitled A GLASS REPAIR SYSTEM UTILIZING A TRANSPARENT UV CURABLE COATING, all of which relate to U.S patent application Ser No ,, filed Nov , is a cross section view of the present coating system applied as an anti slip surface FIG is a cross

Feb , The UV cured sealant composition of claim , wherein the UV cured sealant composition forms a slip resistant coating on a vinyl composite tile surface The UV cured sealant composition of claim , wherein the one part cured sealant is stain resistant, solvent resistant, and abrasion resistant .

Nov , The composition is used for treating the surface of various kinds of stone, to provide high gloss and a high anti slip property, so as to meet the demands for daily caring, beauty and safety of a floor Stone The stone in the present invention mainly refers to stone which can be applied for floors and walls, such

May , The method according to any one of the preceding claims, wherein the particles provide anti biofouling properties to the polymer surface This patent describes a method of applying an antifouling coating to a marine surface which involves grit blasting the surface, coating with an adhesion and seal layer

Sep , Present surface coverings, such as resilient flooring, can contain a resilient support surface, a wear surface, and a wear layer top coat The top coat, in situations where the Surface treatments of the alumina and the use of other anti settling agents help in minimizing the settling However, suspending high

Jul , A one step method of treating a surface to increase its coefficient of friction without pretreating the surface or rinsing or removing a treating solution, The generally recognized criterion for slip resistant floor surfaces is a coefficient of friction of obtained in the ASTM C or D standardized tests.

Sep , The area facing the support wire can have an engineered surface or some sort of rubber anti slip coating The catch can be graduated in order to increase pressure on the aircraft cable against the other surface The light tile can be modeled on a standard IGU (Insulated Glazed Unit), which is used in double

Jun , The antislip coating comprises a carbide hard substance that is embedded in a, or the, metallic matrix Patent Citations , Classifications (), Legal Events () External Links a side view onto the comb plate, and onto the floor covers, of a transportation device according to the invention FIG.