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Jul , We cooked up a new detail that thins the roof profile while still providing all of the function of an eave The roof By keeping the standing seam metal roof slope to a shallow rise to run, the roof is able to shed water and maintain a horizontal roof line which compliments the sunshade discussed above.

Mar , A device and method for securing a substantially flat sheet of metal (such as metal roofing or siding) to a substrate in a manner which avoids or reduces oil canning A longitudinal spacer is installed between the metal surface and the substrate so as to induce a bowing or camber of the sheet of metal.

May , Still, compare this to standard standing seam metal roof, which is not much more expensive than shingles, but will last much much longer and probably as long as solar tiles (not because of maximum longevity but since most roofs get replaced for other reasons long before either option would technically

Mar , A skylight system for standing seam metal roofs, shingle roofs and sun roofs in which sheet plastic skylights having upstanding edges are provided and other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following detailed description when read in conjunction with the d ings.

Aug , It s also a much different approach than the standing seam metal roof developed by SolarCity s R amp D unit, code named Steel Pulse, that Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly called a piece of shit when he first saw it last spring Tesla abandoned that project and switched to overlapping solar tiles, a product

Sep , The standing seam panel is amongst the most versatile, durable and maintenance free types of roofing system Standing seam panels are installed using a clip and interlock design which conceals fasteners and prevents water from leaking in See figure below of a typical detail for a double lock panel.

Dec , Method of installing a prefabricated curb unit to a standing seam roof These roof panels are interlocked using a double lock standing seam These together with other objects and advantages which will become subsequently apparent reside in the details of construction and operation as more fully

Feb , A novel roofing bracket is disclosed wherein use of a plurality of the roofing brackets provides a generally horizontal working surface on an inclined standing seam roofing panel The roofing bracket comprises a first and second section, each section defining a base and an upright extending from the base,

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Alpine Roofing Construction Google made out of a variety of different metals Depending on the metal used in the manufacturing process, the price and overall quality of a standing seam roof will vary We pledge to handle each aspect of your roof installation with efficiency and attention to detail You can depend on

Mar , Referring now to the d ings, a standing seam roof, indicated generally by the reference numeral , comprises a plurality of panels such as , , and carried by joists, or purlins, which are supported in any appropriate manner We have shown beams which are supported by a building wall .

Jul , Instead, I would like to demonstrate how the use of PVC in residential and commercial roofing is good not only for homes and commercial buildings along with their occupants, but also for the environment Original Post Background and Update Details This post was originally, published on January th,

Sep , A bracket and strap assembly that permits a gutter to be attached to a standing seam on a metal roof without the use of roof piercing screws and or nails A unitary A clear understanding of the present invention will become readily apparent upon further review of the following specification and d ings.

Nov , An improved curb system for attachment to a roof having standing seams between adjacent roof panels comprising an open upper frame having an interior, an exterior and a Each of panels is provided with inwardly facing lower flanges for attachment to the roof panels (see detail in FIG.

May , Forward Labs, a startup based in Palo Alto, California, has developed a standing seam style solar roofing solution that aims to blend in, rather than stand out In fact, at first glance, it looks like nothing more than a normal metal roof, and could probably pass muster for even the most conservative HOA

May , A roofing system is installed over the top of existing corrugated metal roofs or over the top of low profile ribbed metal roofs as a retrofit roofing system The system uses a clip specifically designed for corrugated and other forms of low profile ribbed metal roof panels The clip spans a single raised corrugation

On the exterior, some of the cedar shingle siding was replaced due to termite damage at the back of the house and where a poor flashing detail at the roof had been leaking The roof is a simple truss frame covered in plywood and pre painted standing seam roofing, then insulated with blown in fiberglass insulation.

Nov , This allows movement and flexing because the metal strap can slide along the cable, and the vertical seam (or standing seam ) allows flexing of the structure US , Aug , , Apr , , Kaiser Aluminium Chem Corp, Roofing, siding or ceiling structure of interlocked channel section panels.

Feb , Roof panels and are joined at their adjacent short ends by the endlap construction shown in detail in FIGS and Panels and are joined along their sides by a sidelap similar to the junction of panels and The four corners of the junction of panels , , and in the standing seam

Sep , A method of erecting a standing seam roof structure on a rectangular metal building including spaced beam members arranged to form a roof having a of the present invention will become apparent from the following specification disclosing a preferred embodiment shown in the accompanying d ings.

Jan , The more visible west facing portion of the Guesthouse uses prefabricated trusses to form a shallow hip roof These trusses are filled with R batt insulation and overhang the side walls by and extend at the front The standing seam metal roof slopes vertical to horizontal which achieves

Aug , And so, why not have a solar roof that s better in many others ways as well Although details on the solar roof are still elusive, Musk did note in a blog post that he d like to build the roofs by integrating SolarCity s technology and Tesla s home battery storage systems For more on Musk Tesla s million

Jan , An improved method and apparatus is disclosed for a roofing system which uses an improved standing seam joint such that the roofing system can be of the invention will become apparent from the following description of a preferred embodiment thereof taken together with the accompanying d ings.

Mar , Prior art panel attachment systems for vertical, sloped or horizontal surfaces employed standing seams secured against moisture penetration by battens, Referring now to the d ings, an inverted seam roof panel attachment system in accordance with the invention broadly includes roof panels