premade outdoor wooden balcony panels lebanon

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May , A large opening in the wall of the living room also leads out to a deck, which steps down to meet a swimming pool featuring a natural plant and gravel filtration system Villa CP by Zest Architecture Cork from the property s estate was used as insulation to supplement clay and st panels set behind the

Oct , Each apartment in this concrete and glass block in Mexico City features a balcony lined with sliding glass doors that connect it to an indoor living space the entire width of the open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area can be retracted to alter how much the interior is connected to the outdoor terrace.

Feb , This gap in front of the recessed facade also accommodates a balcony accessible from a corridor on the first floor Courtyard House by Philippe Baumann Windows incorporated A mesh panel flanking the staircase recalls the transparent facade cladding Courtyard House by Philippe Baumann Skylights

Courtesy of KOZ Architectes Photography Stephan Lucas The project is broadly made up of prefabricated concrete load bearing panels.The molded and tinted reinforced concrete contrasts with the colored surfaces of the laminated panels Colored Fa?ades The main facade is made of tinted glass with a color gradient

Aug , The entire front of this house on the Costa Rican coastline can be opened up to the ocean views by folding back wooden screens Movable wooden walls front Benjamin Garcia Saxe s Ocean Eye House Costa Rica residence by Obra Architects boasts indoor and outdoor rooms We are trying to find

Jun , Thus, the actual living area extends towards the outside area, and living rooms and bedrooms appear larger and more spacious Ragnitzstrasse apartment block by Love Architecture and Urbanism The larch wood balcony railings are placed in a fan like manner along the zig zag rhythm of the

Nov , At the rear of the living space, a courtyard is carved into the plan to create an additional outdoor space that facilitates cross ventilation, and produces a comfortable microclimate in both summer and winter aamchit houses hss architecture residential lebanon_dezeen__col_ The towers containing

Jan , The chunky wood beam above the glass doors is committed to the six separate Frenchies below, while the beams in the roof snugly hold the three asymmetrical transoms in place Contemporary Living Room by Frederick Frederick Architects Frederick Frederick Architects In many cases, transoms are