outdoor plastic flower boxes

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Apr , Ok, so I still can t stop talking about plants I ve written a Part One and Part Two of this series and I cannot stop Today I want to share a few of my favorite types of planters from simple to quirky Just putting this post together inspired me to use planters in different ways, I hope it inspires you as well.

If a fern wouldn t be growing outdoors in January, don t have a fake fern outdoors in January Store it into a garbage bag in your garage, and put it back out in the spring Only buy fake plants that could grow in your region Take the time to plan out and landscape your flower box before you go shopping for

Dec , Planters can be permanent, made out of concrete, metal, or wood Planters that are movable can be made from plastic, wood, terra cotta or clay Depending on your geographic area, or aesthetics desired will help you decide which material you prefer Curb appeal doesn t only need to include planting in

Drill six inch diameter weep holes through the bottom of the window box Fill all screw holes with auto body filler, then sand flush with random orbit sander Prime and paint the box with exterior grade house paint Set window box onto brackets and secure by driving ? inch galvanized or stainless steel screws up

Mar , Gardeners in colder climates may opt for plastic, which resists cracking in colder temperatures, while gardeners in warmer climates will find that clay pots do a better job at keeping Container grown roses will need a consistent diet of quality soil and nutrients, so get them off to a good start when planting.

Apr , With outdoor space at a premium, urban and small space gardeners have embraced portable and often temporary garden designs to make the most Before purchasing your plants (or planting your seeds), mark out areas of sun and shade in your yard, patio, or balcony, and place containers accordingly.

Apr , We ve been cleaning up the garden beds and deck, preparing the beds and planters for new spring flowers This year I wanted a brighter fiberglass pot before Spray your planter with a good outdoor primer These paints are multi surface paints (glass, paper, wood, plastic, etc.) and are perfect to this

May , Outdoor Glider Bench Makeover with new cushion covers from Confessions of a Serial Do it Save I ve also been working on my patio set out back, but what I was just going to toss and replace back there were these inexpensive plastic planters But they deserve a prettier planter don t you think

Sep , Petunias growing in containers are excellent decorations for fences, stairs, exterior walls, interior window sills, gazebos, porches, pergolas and balconies Lushome collection of gorgeous decorating Yellow, red and purple flowers, blooming petunias in plastic container Petunias are great flowers for

May , If picking up a potted plant or flower is on your gift gifting list this weekend, don t settle for those plain plastic pots or cellophane instead take a peek at these ten quick and creative ways to wrap up those gifts that keep on giving Burlap is inexpensive, easy to work with and makes great pot covers.

Sep , DIY faux pumpkin flower pot tutorial Supplies Faux pumpkin Flowers (these are mums) Urn (found these plastic ones at Lowes for each) Mulch Sharp knife Instructions Measure the base of your flower pot and then trace a circle roughly the same size on top of the pumpkin Then you ll take your

Feb , Want to spruce up your plastic patio chairs or those plain flower pots Outdoor furniture Bottles and jars Storage containers Closet organizers Easter eggs Toys Trash cans Light switch covers Flowerpots Mirrors and frames Tip Check your storage shed for those outdoor items you no longer use.

Mar , Plastic planters, or any planter of your choice To get the job done, I washed the containers with soapy water, dried them, then taped off the bottom portion with blue painters tape I took them outside and applied several light layers of the spray paint until it was fully covered Tip When applying tape to a cone

Add a little character and life to your garden by planting your greenery in these personalized face flower pots Each flower pot features a the pressed flower iPhone cases Each one of these aesthetically pleasing cases feature a sturdy plastic exterior and comes accented by a lovely hand placed pressed flower display.

Apr , soil saving tricks for planting big pots AS I POTTED UP SOME PLANTS TODAY, I ran short on potting soil and then I remembered With big pots, in particular, there s sometimes no need to fill the entire vessel, which is often I like to put inverted plastic pots from plants I ve purchased in the bottom.

Sep , I typically like to use Magic Erasers for Outdoors to clean up around the outside of our home They really get the job done My window boxes are permanently attached to our house and have holes in the bottom for drainage, but I still plant my flowers in a plastic window box liner rather than in the box directly

Sep , House exterior decorating with flowers White window box with colorful daisies Plastic, metal, and wood window boxes are common choices for miniature garden designs Make sure the planters are stable and provide enough drainage for plants Window boxes need a few small holes in the bottom for

May , I have never really spent money or time outside until this summer I have a whole bunch of outdoor projects on my list this year and adding pops of color is a must Spray paint is a miracle worker don t you think Taking plastic planting pots and a few cans of spray paint you can create these same color block

Feb , Terra Cotta flower pots are fairly inexpensive, compared to the faux plastic look a likes, and even though they are simple and plain there are plenty of ways to spice them up This weeks {Terra Cotta Flower Pot Planter Crafts} Concrete water proofing sealer Latex exterior house paint Terra Cotta