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, Do you want garden edging made of stone, concrete, metal or wood Here are When choosing the best material for you, look at the styles that already exist in your home and garden ide Used in combination with other materials, it can help visually merge areas such as decking and pathways Also

, Crunch the facts on gravel, flagstone, brick, tile and more with our mini guide to outdoor flooring surfaces I ve found time and again that a bit more expense (sometimes a lot) on the front end assures that you ve selected the best floor for the job, the one least Industrial k by jamesthomas Interiors.

k Cleaner (Part ) and Brightener (Part ) remove dirt and greying in preparation for re oiling and applying finishes such as Ipe Oil These concentrated powders are formulated specially to cleanse and brighten exterior wood decks, wood fences, patios, terraces, wood siding, benches, chairs, and other outdoor wood

There were very few lap marks and the consistency of the application was good You do need to be very careful about drips and runs! This will be true under the vertical surfaces and at the edge of boards, such as the steps Simply grab that brush and feather the drips out How to Stain Your Wood k Marty s Musings.

Supplies You ll Need Stain Brushes (generally thicker bristles and wider than interior brushes) Roller, Roller Cage and Tray (great for doing the deck boards, saves you time and back pain) Tarps to cover the gardens nearby High Quality, One Coat This is a good time to stain or paint your outdoor furniture as well.

Don t try to stretch this stuff out Load that roller often and run from one end to the other If you have a pretty good space between boards you may need to use a brush first and get those exposed edges If you have a helper, this is where to use them! Wood k Restoration with Behr Premium kover Marty s Musings.

We knew we needed to stain and seal the deck and pergola or in a few years we would have a rotting, rough and ugly grey deck (yuck!) So this Be sure your deck is still in good condition and fix any nails or screws that may be loose as well and replace any boards that are in really bad shape Secret Garden and Arbor

Mar , We loved the results that came from using korators decking materials It s no wonder The biggest news comes in the form of new composite decking On the other hand, the solid edge board is perfect for use when board edges are visible, such as a picture frame boards or stair treads For more

, For those of you with no outdoor space, here are some tips for growing citrus indoors Bonus your apartment will smell amazing Looking for plants that will work well in your container garden The Best Foods to Grow in a Small Space Container Garden Re edited from a post originally published March

, If you wish to apply such a finish, it is recommended to do this before the beds are assembled and crops are planted raisedbeds cedar color Shorter lifespan Sure, old deck boards could be used to make a raised garden bed, just be sure the boards haven t been treated Kwazi Hlela months ago.

, From decking supplies to bathroom cabinets, from plants to candles, we always seem to find what we need there Do you love cactus and succulent plants Then you ll love our super simple On this trip, we needed patio pavers, soil, and boxwoods to create a really simple planting bed around the perimeter

, Many building supply stores carry culverts, but you can also look online for free for pickup culverts that are being disposed of Pros Culverts have a cool contemporary look, are fairly readily available, are easy to install (no assembly required) and can be a permanent feature in your garden In addition, you