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Lighting Design Standout Trees standout trees example of exterior landscape lighting View as slideshow Photo by George Gruel Trees less than feet tall need only a couple of watt uplights A foot tree may require three to five uplights of to watts apiece Similar to shown Bullet accent lights with watt

, Pea gravel patio pictures We also have plans for a pathway from our deck steps to what will hopefully be a new dog area for the pups so they can stay out of the mud and my plants during the rainy Mediterranean Landscape by Encinitas Landscape Architects Designers debora carl landscape design.

, One way to evaluate if your lawn and the soil below are acting as a healthy ecosystem is by looking at the amount of thatch collected under the grass blades Natives do not come under attack like the nonnative, ornamental varieties You can search Houzz to find landscape designers in your area.

, Ah, the side yard It s often a neglected and sad alley where you stick air conditioning units But even if calling what s along the side of your house yard is a stretch, This side yard makes the most of where the backyard deck meets the side yard, with a bar placed along the side and room for stools along it.

, These ideas can help make the most of enjoying the fresh air on your porch and patio or in your yard this season, whether you re bookmarking dates for fall outings or looking for ways to keep your garden inviting Farmhouse k by Susie Watson Designs Susie Watson Designs Host a backyard

, Learn how to refinish your wood deck, make a garden fountain, add a shed and more FJU Photography Add a deck It s hard to enjoy your outdoor space without a proper place to kick back and relax in If you ve got a sloping yard or a raised Contemporary Patio by debora carl landscape design.

, Finally, this cleverly designed space under the stairs in a Montreal home has a washing machine and dryer, as well as an alcove where the family cat likes to hang out Tell us Do you have more ideas for the space under the stairs or pictures of completed projects Please share them in the Comments.

, Noise pollution is a stressful irritant that is almost impossible to eradicate, but a few design strategies can help quiet things down Here are some concepts Contemporary Landscape by Fifth Season Landscape Design Construction Fifth Season Traditional Landscape by Michael Kelley Photography.

Our home landscaping photos, tips, ideas, and free landscaping information is the perfect place to start to create your own fabulous yard! Landscaping around your The porch landscaping idea shown below is an excellent example of an established landscaping plan that has matured over time Note how it makes the

, Traditional Landscape by Enroot Landscape Planning and Design Enroot Landscape Planning and Design Here, a bench placed under a shimmering yellow katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum, zones to ) looks like the perfect spot to enjoy a steaming mug of apple cider Fallen leaves, if left on

, With a design like this and a spectacular view of the Grand Tetons, it s easy to see why so many Houzzers are d n to this photo Look for local or regional materials to best blend a terrace or patio into the landscape Transitional k by BARRETT STUDIO architects BARRETT STUDIO architects .

, One summer my family and I had some unexpected guests arrive at our back door No, they weren t distant relatives looking for a place to crash They were adult songbirds building a nest under the eave of our apartment Over the next four weeks, we marveled at the cheerful progress from nest building to

Hover your mouse over the photo Labels will pop up that identify plants and features This feature may not work on mobile devices See our landscape plant chart below for detailed descriptions Take special note of the new sidewalk with a herringbone pattern This adds lots of interest and the design complements the

, I spoke with the good folks at the Peninsula Humane Society (PHS) SPCA to get some ideas for how those of us living with backyard wildlife can do so Shelter could be access to an area under a deck or hot tub. If you re redoing your landscape, work with a designer to put a smart plan in place.

, Look for places in the landscape that could become gardens designed to be viewed from above, such as the space beneath a floating deck or the lower level of a terrace In this Los Angeles garden, a Japanese inspired composition transforms a sunken space under the stairs Rock gardens, complete with

Mar , The video below shows how I use deck and landscape design software to visualize my designs, and I ve been using Punch deck and landscaping Here are a couple to look at and I m not suggesting you buy these specifically, but just scanning the photos on the landing pages will give you an idea of

, Ultimate k Landscape software to create these visuals It works beautifully and I ve also used it to model and visualize various landscaping designs at my home quite recently as well You can take a look at this software tool via the link I provided just above, or you can click on the image below if you

, From a soaking tub under the stars to a high rise vegetable garden, these compact outside areas uploaded by the Houzz community show how good things don t always come in big packages Houzzer Patios Photo by Root Photography k by Melanie Rekola Landscape Design Melanie Rekola

, The could be barren rooftop seen here is a lush urban escape perfect for relaxing in a hammock and watching the sun sink below the New York City skyline Contemporary k by Todd Haiman Landscape Design Todd Haiman Landscape Design To get an urban jungle look, choose containers large

, Pachysandra thrives in partial to full shade, which makes it a great choice for underneath trees, along a foundation on the shady side of the house Planting don ts I asked Chad Nelson, a horticultural expert and assistant professor of landscape design at the University of Delaware, about the ethics of