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Building Department Schedule of Fees Effective Board of Selectmen Single Family New Construction, Addition Alterations, Porches, Decks, Garages, Swimming Pools, Replacement Windows, Roofing Siding per , Estimated Cost of Construction Minimum Fee COMMERCIAL INDUSTRIAL .

First, cut the bottom ends at a degree angle so that they can sit flat on the ground when you run the boards on a diagonal to prop up the awning Once the landing stones have had time to set, drop a plumb bob from the center of each post location on the awning to determine where each post should be on the landing.

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This is the rd time we ve jacked up a portion of this house This time I was jacking the porch roof up so I could install my final and last portion of half round gutter ( lt lt You may remember my postings last year on installing it around the rest of the house) sad sagging front porch roof I ran a laser across the fascia board

Feb , There s something that I see generated in almost every transaction a list of repair items found during due diligence inspections that buyers would like Have these items addressed prior to listing the house, not before your seller has negotiated the best possible sales price, and everyone will be happier

Tips on How to Install Deck Boards Properly Decking boards are typically installed perpendicular to the floor joists, however in some deck designs they are installed diagonally to the joists It is important to install This process is free and there is no obligation to continue once you receive your decks price estimate.

May , My trailer deck is inches ( ft) by inches ( ft), so the lumber needs to total inches by inches I bought pressure treated some mistakes It cost less than and I completed it all by myself with basic hand and some power tools It was very easy to replace the boards I purchased it from