green vinyl flooring products

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Frederick Walton, linoleum s inventor,neglected to trademark it (don t you hate when you do that ), so it became the accepted name for allflooring made primarily from linseed oil and flax seeds combined with other natural materials like rosin (The name linoleum is a combination of two Latin words linum,

Feb , Christopher Moline , the Residential Group Manager of Alexandria Carpet One, put his money where his mouth was He had heard that Forbo s Marmoleum was so safe that you could eat it So, what did Chris do You guessed it He ate a small piece of the flooring Check out the above short video and his

Aug , Most people think that if an environment is free of odors from VOCs, it s chemical free, but many materials contain toxic SVOCs we can t smell, says Mary Cordaro, an environmental consultant In the nursery, these include vinyl wallpaper and window treatments, foam carpet padding, upholstered items

Spring has arrived! If you re ready to throw open the windows and do some serious spring cleaning, why not do it the green way You don t need to subject yourself to the high prices and caustic chemicals that come with so many store bought cleaning products With a few simple ingredients like vinegar, peroxide, lemon

Read this article to find out how to remove wax buildup from vinyl or linoleum floors using ammonia and warm water Also, NEVER under any circumstances mix ammonia with bleach or any cleaning product that contains bleach, as the combination of bleach and ammonia can produce poisonous chlorine gas Good luck

Aug , The short answer to your question about whether Scotchgard in vinyl flooring will wear off and be dangerous for your or your pets feet is probably not But that s not the same as saying it is safe There are two materials to be looked at here Scotchgard and the vinyl flooring itself The original Scotchgard

Aug , With all the flooring products on the market it is challenging for architects and designers to feel confident in specifying the right one For homeowners, and for homebuilders, the job is even tougher In particular, the choice between laminate and luxury vinyl tile often catches people off guard just because of

Nov , New watercolor effect flooring from UK purveyor Atrafloor is the latest luxury vinyl flooring to pique our interest Above The Dip pattern is available in orange, blue, green, and the gray shown here All Atrafloor vinyl flooring is made to order in the UK, and requires a lead time of four to six weeks.

Apr , Phthalates are added to vinyl flooring to reduce the rigidity of PVC and make it pliable The Ecology Center recently tested sixty five vinyl flooring products from several major home improvement centers Fifty eight percent of the flooring tested contained phthalates This additive is a well known reproductive

Sep , Vinyl is the poster child for many things you should avoid if you want to create a safe, green home Some flooring materials (such as Asian bamboo or European linoleum) must be shipped great distances, increasing their embodied energy cost and total environmental impact USGBC s LEED rating

Mar , Initially our landlord would not let us take up the lovely forest green commercial carpet, so we ended up covering it up with a peel and stick vinyl plank as a temporary fix until we knew we d be here for a while IMG_ Once we go the green light this last summer to demo the walls and floorsall of the

For many green consumers, marmoleum is their flooring choice because it s made from materials that are natural and renewable The main ingredient is linseed oil, which gives linoleum its name Linseed oil comes from flax, an easily cultivated plant also used to make linen Other ingredients include natural pigments, pine

Sep , Toxic tris flame retardants are added to PVC products such as vinyl flooring and are released as off gassing occurs from the vinyl According to The good news is that more and more alternatives to vinyl products are becoming available Would you like more ideas and tips about Going Green Gradually

Sep , I was invited later by Shaw Floors in to Serenbe, a beautiful community south of Atlanta for the opening of the HGTV Green home there and that is of flooring for our homes this year and we could choose from different products An engineered Epic hardwood, waterproof vinyl product called Floorte,

Nov , The only room in my house with carpet When I went to Shaw to visit and see their new products, I was amazed at all the new flooring options that were out there and I shared those options in that linked post From waterproof carpet, to vinyl waterproof planks, there was a lot to think about den stairs down.

Feb , If the vinyl flooring is going to be installed atop a concrete slab or over a c l space, be sure to use a vapor barrier Seal the floor seams However, concrete can be affected by the salts found in many de icing products, so protect concrete flooring near the entrances to your home with mats Your concrete

Aug , In contrast to hardwood and laminate, which absorb moisture, vinyl is nonporous Spills and splashes won t cause it to warp, which means it s perfectly suitable for bathroom installations Certain vinyl products even have percent waterproof backings, such as plastic or cork, for extra protection against