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, Shamir s upcoming Bowery Ballroom show is sold out but you can hit this free matinee today He s performing acoustic (which should be interesting for a dance pop artist) and it s all ages Crocodiles, Dirty Fences, Shark Week @ Mercury Lounge Crocodiles, who are wrapping up their tour with Shark Week,

, Then Abby dissed congested Vivi Anne, who follows Mom Cathy around like she s inside one of those invisible electric shock fences or something As Cathy tried to run out and meet up with all her flying monkeys, Jill tossed another bottle of Poland Springs on her head and then it just went bazoinkers.

I wish these were a little bit larger like other sodas, oz, so you can do a better comparison of sugar to those For more natural sodas, i do enjoy these and have purchased bottles infrequently when I see them In terms of price, Amazon is up there with the club stores, although the clubs can drop just below them now and

, CMJ Shea Stadium Impose Party Brooklyn, NY CMJ Cake Shop Village Voice Day Party New York, NY Public Assembly w White Fence, Shonen Knife, Turbo Fruits, Pujol Brooklyn, NY Now That s Class w Fancy Space People Cleveland, OH Crown Liquors Chicago, IL

, In due course, so did a Showtime movie starring Jeff Goldblum, Anthony LaPaglia and Liev Schreiber The Time story A fence surrounds the property, which is patrolled by police armed with machine guns and wearing bulletproof vests Soda bottles and old food shared space with computer printouts.

Some junior high kid jumped the fence and gave Kendall such a big hug that I almost called the park ranger to pepper spray him in the eyes I hope she knew the This entry was posted on Wednesday, e th, at pm and is filed under Dance Moms, Humor, Pop Culture, Reality Television You can follow any

, Why is it, family feel like they can say anything to you Yes I m Yes I m single No I don t want kids But they don t believe me They just dismiss me I mean I have a master s degree, a great job, my own home and a healthy savings and yet my mother and my aunts still look at me with pity And my

, I swear If my damn eyelashes weren t sticking together, I would pop off on this bitch so hard cmy Back in the newly renovated DDP IKEA Lounge (like the fancy Coca Cola one they used to have on American Idol but without the stairs) Mimi, Seloncé, Tina And then it was Showtime! The place was