wall cladding anchor

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The anchor device includes a ring mounted to a first end of a rod or tube for receiving the end of a safety rope, a mounting for securing the anchor device to a building Preferably the length of the rod is such that when secured to a roof truss, the rod may extend through any roof cladding so that the receiving means extends

Sep , A method for installing an expansion anchor in a pre drilled hole having a substantially cylindrical wall, wherein the expansion anchor comprises a bolt The fixture F may, for example, be a metal plate member, or a metal panel member of an electrical box, or more generally any other fixture member

Jan , a majority of said anchor portion being comprised by said at least one opening and said at least one opening being positioned within said anchor portion so as to extend into the supporting concrete back wall structure when said anchor portion is inserted into and through said at least one ICF form panel .

Jun , A prefabricated curtain wall system for cladding a building skeleton framework mounted on a concrete foundation, said curtain wall system comprising female member proximal to the bottom edge of a lowermost panel and the horizontal arm affixed to the foundation with a threaded concrete anchor bolt.

Sep , The product further comprises an elongate anchor member in the foam insulating panel and extending from the first primary surface of the foam insulating The use of precast concrete wall panels has gained in popularity because they can be manufactured at a remote location, transported to a job site and

May , The apparatus is attachable to a floor underside with the protective chamber thereof surrounding a curtain wall anchor assembly attached to the floor underside A a first liner panel positionable extending over and in abutment with said first inner wall to facilitate firestopping within said protective chamber

Aug , A wall cladding system according to claim or and further characterized in that a mechanical connection is provided to supplement the adhesive bond between the stone panel and the structure represented by the structural framing member on an edge of the panel by means of an anchor clip for providing

Nov , Three long, gently arcing rammed earth walls anchor both the indoor and outdoor spaces to the site Spring Ranch by Feldman Feldman Architecture recently completed another residence in California, which features wooden cladding residence and garage door windows Photography is by Joe

Dec , A support anchor for fastening to a vertical mullion of a curtain wall system is disclosed The support anchor fastens to a Glass panel curtain walls are very popular and are often designed and constructed with extruded aluminum members in association with steel mullions The various components of the

May , A known mounting means comprises an anchoring system which requires a brick or concrete wall to which mechanical anchors for each cladding panel are attached or embedded The anchors fix the stone cladding panels in two load points at a bottom of each stone cladding panel and two restraint points

Jan , A blast resistant cladding includes a curtainwall arranged on a structure and defines a load path for transferring loads imparted on the curtainwall to the D depicts a side view of an embodiment of the anchor system that may be used with a wall system according to aspects of the present disclosure [].

Sep , The novel panel and flange arrangement allows self supporting wall structures to be constructed wherein only lateral loading (normal to the plane of the wall) strip inch thick and from two () to six () inches wide and secured by a stud , which can set in the foundation with an expansion anchor bolt.

Wall tie and anchor retrofit Without proper support, the exterior veneer of a cavity wall assembly is vulnerable to catastrophic collapse and failure, as it requires anchorage to the back up to remain stable When a wall has been constructed with insufficient ties, or where the existing connections have failed, retrofit anchors,

Aug , The anchor (, , , ) has a through aperture adjacent one end and the other end is adapted to form a mechanical interlocking anchor with the concrete of the panel () in which the other end is embedded, wherein the through aperture is shaped to simultaneously receive

Sep , means for mounting said rails () in a substantially horizontal orientation and vertically spaced apart on the building structure (), said rail mounting means comprising a plurality of mullions having associated anchor means for supporting the mullions in an upright orientation on the building

Dec , Sedimentary stone cladding from a local quarry alludes to mountains and rock formations, while clear vertical grain cedar adds warmth and texture to the exterior Crescent Stone clad fireplaces serve as visual anchors, while glass walls roll away to create gracious connections to porches and terraces .

Aug , An insert for casting in a body of concrete to provide for attachment to a building structure The insert is formed of a slotted face plate welded to a channel with enclosed ends and an access opening for insertion of an attachment device for attachment to the building structure The insert is also provided with

Feb , a said cement formwork, having one or more side walls and a bottom, said bottom having a top surface, b the anchor bolt locator attached to said top surface of said bottom, said anchor bolt locator, including a chair, having a plurality of legs, a bridge connecting the legs, said bridge having a top surface

Aug , This invention relates to safety anchors for roof workers and in particular to a gutter ladder anchor, a ridge anchor, a rafter anchor, and a truss anchor In a one aspect the invention is a gutter ladder anchor formed from a metal plate, and comprising a flat base, having left, right, rear, and front ends a fold at