building entertaining space on a slope

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Jan , The renovated house its spaces now light and bright includes three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms a guest bedroom an open plan living room, dining room and kitchen a covered The skylights also gave them the high ceiling effect without the expense of building upward or altering the roof.

Oct , By rearranging the site s terracing while maintaining local flora, the architects created a modern Greek house design connecting volumes of living spaces while allowing them to be independent A sloped site and the beautifully simple terracing allowed architects to create different courtyards and open areas

Apr , Ca?as Arquitectos were tasked with designing a space for their clients that wanted to have a dedicated room for entertaining friends and family, where they could enjoy the view Located on a sloped lot with views of San Jose city in Costa Rica, the entertaining room is positioned next to a large ficus tree.

Jun , For the adults, Jeff Schlarb of Green Couch Interior Design created the Pent Room, a space for gathering, gaming, entertaining and relaxing. A pent room is the smaller cousin of a In other words, the penthouse was originally an attached building with a sloping roof So a pent room is actually an

Oct , Isay Weinfeld wanted to avoid the typical S?o Paulo typology of compact apartments with little or no outside space We have strived to introduce o Building as an alternative to the vertical multi family housing model, which, in its commonest form, merely stacks up apartment units, said the studio.

Nov , Unseen above the restored cast iron facade of this residential structure in Tribeca, a stunning modern loft extends the building s livable space, loft addition space roof hot top deck The fifth floor pop up features sleeping quarters, entertaining and dining spaces, as well as a secluded terrace tucked

Jan , Uncommon building sites call for ingenious architecture solutions The intricate MS House by Yo Yamagata Architects is located in Mishima, Shizuoka, Japan, on a slope overlooking Mount Fuji Its unusual character derives from the challenges imposed by the terrain, with only of flat surface out of a

May , We longed for a backyard that was devoid of messy pathways, and was a usable space for entertaining You have seen some of the garden area in my recent tutorials to build a rot resistant planter and a budget friendly trellis It s hard to tell from this photo, but there was a decent slope to the land.

Jul , Patio A patio is a comfortable space for lounging and entertaining, especially when it offers a choice of sun or shade Retaining wall The primary purpose of a retaining wall is to keep soil from eroding on steep hills this will allow you to reconfigure your land for example, by terracing a slope.

Mar , An story, unit boutique condo building in Park Slope Amenities A story, unit condo building in Boerum Hill with studios and one to three bedroom residences Address A unit condo building where each unit has outdoor space, building features parking and common roofdeck.

Nov , Set on a gentle slope, this countryside house in Austria is known simply as House D Hohensinn Architektur imagined a place inspired by old rural buildings that would define the habits of a modern Glazed on the courtyard side, the countryside house responds to the need for bright interior spaces.

Mar , Original story The California Supreme Court today ruled in favor of the city of Berkeley and philanthropist and Lotus founder Mitch Kapor, and against a group of preservationists who have been fighting for five years a proposal from Kapor and his wife, Freada Kapor Klein, to build a new home at Rose

Jun , Located in in Zagreb, Croatia, and named Our House, this modern residential construction showcases flexible interiors separated by sliding doors Local family run architecture studio DAR imagined this concrete residence pierced by windows as a dynamic collection of spaces that can be closed or

Jun , White ash flooring and a ceiling sheathed in western red cedar lend warmth to the modern space The island contains the gas cook top and a prep sink so that the hosts never have to turn their back to the dramatic northwestern views or the family and friends they are entertaining, the firm said The living

The first floor and its adjoining exterior spaces make for perfect entertaining spaces for the residents and their guests to enjoy Inside that slope Combined with the effect of a wide deck railing, this elevation gives the building a tall, imposing facade from the street Sleek Slope House With Interior Featuring Concrete

Apr , Water seeping into the soil has led to mudslides, landslides and slope instability, threatening many of the picturesque houses that loom over the city Jeff Napier of the Department of Building and Safety said signs of erosion from adjacent slopes, crumbling home foundations and cracks in the walkways

Sep , Suburban Birmingham homes used to have clear gap between them But the space is now just a few inches after huge extension was built Couple say the development will hit their house price and The couple are shocked after building work extended the house next door to within inches of their property.

May , Our knowledge and experience on these highly enjoyable spaces can be condensed down to simple points for single family residences Here goes A modern day flat roof isn t, of course, truly flat (they re typically sloped ? per foot), but they re flat enough to construct a terrace structure on top We use a

Jun , Anchored to the south by the stone mass, the living spaces extend north onto a wood deck overlooking the steep slope with tall walls of glass blurring the In fact, all spaces are carefully designed to maximize the exposure to views and natural light, making this home a dreamy residential building.

Oct , The loft area of a Mansard roof does not need to compromise on space and can easily house a master bedroom if needed Moreover, the use of dormer windows along the entire length of the bottom slope allows more natural light inside the building and that further increases the sense of space.

Nov , Luring romanticism with the open nature of a living space featuring a floating bed, one could indulge in lazy afternoons flooded by daylight and regret would surely never appear when thinking about the decision to build a mezzanine bed it s just too comfortable and offers a different perspective on things

Apr , Typically, kitchens are transformed from feeling like large closets for getting the cooking job done, to home s hub where all family and entertaining exterior terraces garden areas to make the MCM interior feel more spacious (without needing to add expensive, and often, unneeded, interior space).

Aug , Greg Wright Architects have recently completed a new home in Cape Town, South Africa, that s located at the foot of the mountain, sits on a slope, and has been designed for entertaining Greg Wright Architects have recently completed a new home in Cape Town, South Africa,

Dec , This design creates a natural focus in the space, allowing the community to gather around and celebrate important people and moments The roof s slope also pulls rainwater down into two covered water reservoirs Innovating to preserve water is a tremendous benefit in this arid part of the world.

Jan , Built by Robert Maschke Architects in Bay Village, United States with date Images by Eric Hanson The site of the existing Brahler Residence possesses a dramatic downward slope from the street toward a brook that bi

May , The second row of posts went in much the same fashion except for one thing Since the crew had the ledger and first row finished, they added a few joists and ran a string guide to make it easier to setup the rest of the posts It s also important to note that they established a slope (over the entire width)