antistatic wood composite wall panel

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Jan , The ultra low density composite has a density of kg m and can be used as impact resistant materials for packaging, wall panels and insulation materials for buildings and Instead of using starch as the major materials, our process uses at least of wood fibres or other natural fibres.

Mar , The use of highly fly ash filled and atactic polypropylene treated compositions for making plastic substitutes for wood products, such as plywood and has to withstand even occasional surface impacts, such as containers, furniture, instrument housings, automotive oil pans, bumpers and body panels, this

The walls consist of essentially the same pellicular material which constitutes the filmy fibrous elements of the fibrillated structures and may be imbedded or connected Common additives may be present such as waxes, dyes, pigments, antioxidants, delustrants, antistatic agents, reinforcing particles, adhesion promoters,

Dec , The overall panel can be used as a window, wall, floor, and the like It is to be understood that both the foregoing general description and the following detailed description are exemplary and explanatory only, and are intended to provide a further explanation of the present invention, as claimed All patents

A stackable flexible bulk container includes a bag portion of woven polypropylene and is comprised of a bottom wall, a top wall and an encircling side wall At least two lifting strap loops are provided so that the container can be lifted by the tongs of a forklift truck To enable the tongs to enter the loops without manual

Sep , The present invention pertains to compositions comprising a polyester polyol, a polyether polyol, an acrylic polyol, a polycarbonate polyol, a polybutadiene polyol, a hydrogenated polybutadiene polyol, a functionalized polyether and or a polyurethane susceptible to thermal degradation, and at least one

Jul , The apparatuses, compositions and methods described herein generally relate to a new application for and formulation of composite polymer composition This composition is a nanocomposite, comprising a polymer and a clay, preferably a recycled polymer and a nanoclay The nanocomposite

Jun , A pad is desirable when wood flooring is applied over a subflooring These pads used in flooring applications serve multiple purposes They may absorb impact, such as from persons walking on the flooring They may provide sound deadening, and may provide insulating properties against heat transfer.

(Cl ) This invention relates to a process for bonding polyethylene to non porous surfaces and to composite laminated articles comprising a non porous Instead of an entire heading section of aluminized polyethylene, an annular ring of aluminized polyethylene may be used between the cylindrical walls and the

Dec , In a preferred embodiment, the clay aerogel polymer composites are derived from a clay, polymer and binder component that provides the composite with housing (walls, attic, roofing structures, pipes and ductwork), vehicles such as sound deadening panels or foams, and aircraft and spacecraft exterior

Oct , If air is present in the ink chamber, intended pressure changes resulting from piezoelectric deformation of part of the ink chamber walls will be Other suitable ink receivers may be selected from the group consisting of cardboard, wood, composite boards, coated plastic, canvas, textile, glasses, plant fibre

Aug , Electrically conductive composite materials are known wherein conductive fibers and non conductive fibers are secured to a support surface by or integrated with an underpad for heating floor surfaces (e.g wooden floors, floating floors, ceramic tile floors, or any other type of floor), walls and ceilings.

In many cases the area to be insulated is a cavity in the roof or wall of the building One type of insulation often used for such cavities is The panels are formed by blowing or otherwise providing the fly ash particles with foam and binder into a form having the desired panel size The formed panels can then be located in a

The shell includes a tubular load bearing wall and integral side walls for the accommodation of bearings which receive the idler shaft The core could be a prefabricated wooden element, bonded sand or pulp, a shaped inflated bag or any other desired material, but in preferred embodiments the core is moulded of foamed

Product taken directly from the heating step of manufacture may be classified by screening and flotation techniques into limited size ranges and composite or average true particle density, as hereinafter defined Further, the Wall thicknesses of a mass of the bubbles may be reduced drastically, even after the heating step of

Apr , Conductive compositions made in this manner can be used for a variety of useful applications where electromagnetic shielding, electrostatic dissipation and antistatic properties are necessary such as in IC chip trays, electronic packaging, automotive exterior body panel applications, computer housings etc.

Apr , One typical insulation product produced is an insulation batt or blanket, which is suitable for use as wall insulation in residential dwellings or as It s also a feature of the invention that the inventive binder composition can be useful for composite reinforcements, such as chopped strands, for use in

Each panel comprises a core with or without strengthening metal sheets about which is wrapped a flexible and at least partially resilient floor covering, such as carpet The cores and attached pan and floor covering are supported by post blocks or pedestals which may be provided in wood, metal, plastic, concrete or other

Jul , Novel appliques comprising oxyhalopolymer adhesive composites wherein the adhesive layer of the composite is chemically bonded to such as between layers of wood panels for laminating wood composites, between underlayment and floor tiles, plywood roof sheeting and asphalt tile or

A flat display panel comprising a flat display panel main body, and a front protective plate which comprises an antireflection layer, a translucent electrically In a typical PDP, partition walls to form a large number of discharge cells are sandwiched between two glass substrates, electrodes for discharge are formed in each of