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Jul , This year s shortlisted schemes show exceptionally creative, beautifully considered and carefully detailed buildings that have made every single penny A system of fritted glazed horizontal panels allow controlled light into the building while insuring protection for the exhibits either on display or within the

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Nice landscaping and vinyl lattice panels are just a couple ideas for hiding unsightly piers, support columns, and joists You can If you love DIY projects, are fairly good with basic construction concepts, and want a weekend project consider making your own porch skirting beautiful brick porch skirting with artistic pattern

Oct , CLT is often described as plywood on steroids because it is made by gluing alternating layers of lumber together to make a thick panel, much like the layers of veneer in plywood CLT is part of a bigger initiative known as Mass Timber Construction (MTC), which is exactly what it sounds like really big

Dec , After the three days of the show, it was time to finally build a car under those FRP panels The size of the task Well Beautifully gusseted ties between the A pillars and the roll cage to enhance chassis rigidity We ve made a fully functional flat composite underfloor, uninterrupted from splitter to diffuser.

Mar , Kasita is on a mission to solve the housing crisis in America with our seamlessly smart, beautifully designed light homes, the team said We have Designed by the company s in house team, the rectilinear dwelling has a steel structural framework and is clad in aluminium composite panels Windows are

Jun , I already knew that I wanted composite decking I have absolutely no desire to paint or stain or waterproof wood I struggled for a while trying to at the outside edge of the deck Although the end result wasn t perfect I d tweak the design as I installed the remaining panels it was pretty damn good.

Mar , Firms are lining up to build President Trump s border wall Kevin Rouhani of Meridian Precast Inc a Westwood based company that produces prefabricated walls and concrete panels and has worked on government infrastructure such as BART stations in the I could put it up on firm ground pretty easy.

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But the reality is you can be environmental and have a beautiful house Danny Lipford Well I know the idea of building green has kind of changed a little bit over the last few years What is considered let s say the definition of a green built home these days Jim Hackler Well this house actually really showcases a lot of

Aug , Ironwood Hall stands as a beautiful addition to Chandler Gilbert Community College s campus, highlighting the college s commitment to sustainability The exposed ICF Aluminum Composite Metal (ACM) Panels are used on the east and west facades of the building s core volume Similar to the

Dec , The most common hardening practices include replacing wooden utility poles with poles made of steel, concrete, or a composite material upgrading transmission pages, a plan for a trim bush, and then you can span designs on where to put those breathing sulfur batteries, solar panels, DC grids, etc.

Jan , The Heirloom construction utilizes wood in the solid timber form along with the composite panels While the composite material is used for the larger surface areas of It has a beautiful ribbon figure, a rich red tone, and appropriate physical properties Black Limba has a strikingly unique appearance with

The building s envelope is comprised of marble travertine panels This beautiful building material suffered from decades of neglect and had serious black staining on the majority of the surface Furthermore, local contractors had damaged a nearby building containing the same stone material during a previous restoration

Apr , Once more, it is conceived as an experiment and a research project for new construction and housing in tune with mnature The rear ventilated fa.ade consists of aluminium composite panels Depending We would like to thank Hans Joachim Stegemann and his grandson Kolja for this beautiful project.

Oct , But look, pretty shingles! On top of that, the combined companies want to sell roofs that are solar panels The value proposition for solar integrated Building integrated photovoltaics have traditionally suffered from costing more and operating less efficiently than conventional PV Elon did not deem it

Aug , Building our Modern Farmhouse in Leelanau County These were our Siding CertainTeed ICON Composite Siding with Cedar Trim all done in Sherwin Williams Extra White This was So instead we opted for one less window and a full glass panel door for our walk out giving us more light I think it will

Jan , Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) panels clad entire roof An innovative BIPV and ceiling composite design integrates ventilation slots, water, heat and noise insulation so that the BIPV ceiling composite roof replaces the need for the conventional roof PV external landscape lighting is also installed.

Apr , Described as a pause in the landscape, the Pavilion punctuates the rolling hills with its pointed and curved roof while providing beautiful views of the surrounding scenery The Pavilion was prefabricated from steel beams, insulating composite panels, and zinc cladding that matches the ribbed roof of the

Feb , BUILD LLC CSH composite One of the principles behind BUILD s Case Study House project is the exploration and implementation of new design ideas Because we are the end users of the product, it allows us to experiment with concepts and details that may not yet be ready for clients or the market in

Travertine is a beautiful architectural material, which requires restoration on occasion.An experienced travertine restoration company should perform travertine restoration to insure that the stone is not damaged during the cleaning and restoration process After the travertine restoration process, it is important to follow up