architectural roofing and wall cladding

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Sep , There is a suggestion that this element is of the landscape and serves to project the two adjoining wings as the principle architectural elements for the decks, walls are corefilled masonry rendered inside and out with black japan stained timber cladding forming the connection between roof and walls.

Steccawood provides a warm and rich texture appearance for a variety of panelling, ideal for wall and ceiling applications in either a vertical or horizontal set out.

Jul , house d s inspiration from previous centuries european architecture translated into modern details Internal split levels allow the exterior facade to be broken up and stepped to create a small scale appearance suitable for its location The zinc roofing is wrapped around as standing seam wall cladding

Lysaght Imperial is an elegant steel cladding option, featuring flat pans and slender, well defined ribs Part of the Zenith architectural cladding range, the profile is distinctive, unique, and sure to make projects stand out whether used as roofing or walling As with all Lysaght products, the steel is Australian made.

May , L Architecture est dans le Pré Claas architectes The project implements its know how (framework, cladding, roofing, etc.) expands towards the exterior overflowing to the garden, during the mid season the buffer spaces act as a privilege outdoor space and during winter the house folds inside the walls.

Feb , Subtle references to the traditional materiality of the colonial cottages are translated in a contemporary fashion, such as timber weatherboard wall cladding, expressed window surrounds and recycled timber flooring The dark black exterior is contrasted by a bright white interior, executed with absolute

Nov , Salmela Architect s House for Beth in Wisconsin The rectilinear home is topped with a steep roof that consists of standing seam metal panels, which reflect light Exterior walls are clad in natural cedar that is intended to age over time The architect wrapped the base of the building in dark coloured Richlite,

Nov , Even though it s usually considered a traditional building material, thatch can sometimes be found on modern architecture It s a naturally The roof and walls of this family home in the Netherlands uses tightly packed thatch and white plaster to create a look that has both traditional and modern elements.

Jan , Architect studio MWA ltd studio Mikulcic Worldwide Architecture Roof Wall Metal Cladding T.W Clark To create a residential project which has nearly of exterior walls in glass is always very challenging in order to follow the standards and requirements, but we achieved all that and even more.

Oct , Built by Anderson Anderson Architecture in Ewa Beach, United States with date Images by Anthony Vizzari A simple, double wall metal cladding, along with metal roofing shaded by solar panels above a ventilated airspace, creates a ventilated double skin greatly reducing heat gain All glazing is

Nov , This modern architecture roundup features homes that incorporate industrial elements, like metal cladding, into contemporary residential exteriors The horizontal striations echo the underside of the wood lined roof exterior cladding m a architecture studio Houston based firm M A Architecture

Mar , The three houses are covered by an undivided roof emphasizing the double language a big section on the street and three distinct gable walls at the houses back This geometrical conversion comes with the roof and walls design fibre cement slates against wooden cladding Courtesy of Zoomfactor

Jan , These pergolas of black charred timber have glazed roofs and operable walls, and also serve to ground the floating bluestone form above The bluestone cladding is cut in differing widths and a random stacked pattern is utilized to accentuate the horizontality of the building, while the black charred

May , Its Saltyglooan igloo made of modular salt panelsdemonstrates how printed materials can create visual interest and add functionality to an interior space With such a A countertop could be reground to approximately the consistency of sand and cast anew, for example, as architectural roofing tiles.

Jun , Architect in charge Angie Chadwick Stuardo All interior walls are clad in natural wood, which gives a very warm atmosphere typical from southern Chile In terms of cladding, it should be the same on roofs and walls, a water resistant material, a reinterpretation of the old shingles It had to be sufficiently

Aug , The Layered Effect The Beauty of Shingle Cladding Shingles are a roof and wall covering consisting of individual overlapping elements On walls, they are generally The architect applied the same slate shingle to both surfaces to create a seamless transition between the old and new parts of the home.

Dec , Rural Icelandic cottages by PK Arkitektar have turf roofs and burnt timber cladding The main focus of the design is to create a semi rural architecture that blends in with the landscape and the surrounding mountains, said PK Arkitektar Doorway hidden in volcanic stone wall of B house by PK Arkitektar

Oct , Roof or wall tiles made from recycled rubber tires US A From an architectural point of view, types of tiles are also selected for aesthetic reasons Therefore, it is an object of the present invention to produce a rubber or elastomeric tile providing the above advantages for building roofs or walls.

Dec , More often than not, on a flat roof structure you re not really seeing the roof you re seeing a parapet (a wall or vertical element below the roof that is extended up to continue past the roof) The parapet contains the sloped roof and frees up the architecture to have a perfectly flat profile Naturally, there are