build balcony deck on roof of kitchen

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Aug , The homeowners th century building sits on Rue Rambuteau, a street that connects two famous areas of the French capital Les Halles, in the st arrondissement, and Le Marais, in the th It can be accessed either by a winding staircase from a ground floor deck or from the master bedroom suite.

Jul , Is building up, digging down or adding on the best way to maximize your house s potential A second story with occupied rooms will weigh much more than your old roof system, so engineers will need to calculate how much weight the main floor walls and foundation will carry and how to hold that weight

Feb , Create a refuge from city chaos with these ideas gathered from rooftops as practical as they are picturesque If a full landscape isn t right for your outdoor space, keep your plant life manageable by adding potted plants to your rooftop, terrace or balcony If every home in Hong Kong played their part and

Nov , Small rooms can be adorned with mezzanines that solve space issues this platform can serve as a second bedroom, a home office, a library or it can be As Buildall Construction re designed the Wrigley Loft inside the converted Wrigley Building in Leslieville, Toronto, they imagined a mezzanine level as

Jun , The sun provides more than light it can create heat in homes wanted in winter, avoided in summer Sunlight also The heat created on the south side of buildings by the sun can cause buckling of asphalt shingles in unvented roofs In short, if Traditional Deck by Renovation Design Group Renovation

Apr , If your house or apartment has the height, and you work from home, building into the roof could be the way to get your laptop off the kitchen table and into its own peaceful area A mezzanine floor doesn t need to be open to the room below like a balcony if privacy is required Loft Beds Give Rooms a Lift

Apr , In the last of our part series on the building permit process, we review the final inspection and typical requirements for approval The inspection is just getting started We haven t even entered your new kitchen yet or looked closely at your new fireplace Your inspector is smiling a little, or is that a sneer

Building A Roof Deck Step by step instructions I Best Practices I Unique Downspout Solution I Rot Resistant Techniques I Azek Railing and Baluster System Many condos and apartment buildings have roof top decks, patios and balconies instead of backyards or ground level patios and decks Building A Roof Deck.

Aug , As I walked forward, the side walls stopped, and the roof stopped, but the floor just kept going no threshold, no barrier, no back wall Next thing I knew, I was on a In this home, the interior hardwood and the decking material are the same color, but the hardwood has more shine They are both laid the

So they turned to architect Mary Dorsey Brewster and general contractor Andy Tiplady to help them envision a plan that would make the best use of its roomsand even squeeze in a few more Topping the couple s wish list was an extra bedroom and bath upstairs Given the house s small lot and strict local zoning laws,

Jun , If a hammock s not your cup of tea, consider a pair of laid back lounge chairs instead Contemporary Deck by Todd Haiman Landscape Design Todd Haiman Landscape Design Cook s garden Lush plantings around the roof line soften edges and make a compact outdoor space feel larger than it is.

Feb , There will be less space to address if the deck will extend from the ground level story, but the eye will still be d n to that dark (often weedy) slit of earth So how do you maximize this awkward space Whether you want to completely hide this area, create a semiprivate screen or turn it into storage, here

Feb , The Doghouse Dormer This wonderfully named dormer, which looks like a proverbial doghouse placed atop a roof, lends a lot of charm to a Cape Cod style home Shed dormers make rooms in attics like this one spacious and inviting, perfect for that game room among the trees Budget You should

Dec , The engawa is a generous hallway, a roofed transition zone, located between the interior rooms in a Japanese home and the garden, created by extending the interior Creating a place that coexists with nature always requires some adaptation of the shelter to make best use of a particular environment.

Jan , Unlike the typical foot by foot kitchen or the foot by foot bathroom, laundry rooms have no standard size With that in mind, we wanted to explore the pros and cons of putting the laundry room in the kitchen, bedroom, closet, bathroom and more Also, washers and dryers make a lot of noise.

Jul , Hi there! Thank you for following along on our cabin build process!A little while back, I posted about how we built the decks for the cabin

May , The same homeowners that had Steve s crew build a custom shed have contracted him again to construct a new, composite deck on the back of their ) Would you consider using roughsawn cedar with white stain for the roof joists instead of wrapping them as one contractor suggested to keep the

Jul , This one story layout has a grassy patio in addition to wooden decks and balconies, which really add to the overall luxury of the home Source Maple Woods Source This four bedroom house manages to make room four two cars, four bedrooms, and separate study An amazing use of space.