composite precast wood wall panel for floor

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Mar , Construction of a precast concrete wall panel is begun by carefully planning out the size and shape of the wall panel on a suitable surface, such as the concrete slab (i.e floor) of the building being constructed Wooden concrete forms, usually made from × or × lumbar, are constructed on the perimeter of

Apr , A integrated scheduling method for installing modified precast building columns, first floor grade slab and supporting beams prior to site excavation, and to use these components, together with specialized shoring panels and or modified exterior wall panels, which are installed simultaneously with the

The outer and inner panels are braced by a series of horizontal, zigzag wires Vertical wood strips having horizontal grooves corresponding to the wires are used to hold these wires in place Electrical boxes, plumbing conduits, electrical conduits, doors, windows, and floor joist pockets are made by including a wood mold

Jun , A half precast slab including a plurality of floor concrete form members and, each floor concrete form member being provided with a bottom slab of a long length, in response to the floor concrete form member a pair of side walls installed upright along each longitudinal edge of the bottom slab, in response

A composite floor panel includes a concrete floor deck having a side portion and an edge member secured to the side portion The vertical legs or walls of a double tee floor panel are solid and will not allow for passage of mechanical, plumbing or electrical through the tee, thereby increasing the floor to floor dimension

Sep , Structural systems for supporting a building utilizing light weight steel framing for walls and hollow core concrete slabs for floors US A Abstract An improved structural system for supporting a building includes prefabricated light weight steel framed bearing wall panels supporting hollow core

Oct , The top and bottom chords are configured to support concrete planks that form a floor and or a ceiling of a building in which the truss is used When used as an interior load bearing wall, the truss can include at least one opening that forms, for example, a corridor passage large enough for a person to walk

One of the recent developments in the field of building construction is to use prefabricated building components, such as precast concrete slab and wall panels, steel structures and other elements that can be manufactured in controlled environment These precast concrete components are widely used in modern building

Jun , Most of these prior composite wall structures have been complicated arrangements whereby preformed panels, usually of a large size such as two or three foot by four foot are precast in separate individual molds An interfitting lip is provided around the peripheral edges of each of the panels whereby

Apr , A building is quickly erected on the site, by preparing a footing below ground level, erecting at spaced apart distances around the footing a plurality of vertical pre cast, combined foundation wall and side wall panels of U cross section which have load bearing vertical side edge flanges and may include a

Aug , To make precast concrete sandwich panels, a first concrete slab is formed having embedded in it one end of connectors which extend from it s surface in two It is a still further object of the invention to provide a novel composite precast concrete sandwich panel which has both good thermal insulating

Au essential feature of the invention resides in the panelling and reenforcing of the units which are preferably concrete Heretofore it has been common practice to provide panels with reenforcing ribs around the edges thereof Such ribs, when of adequate strength for each unit, were of objectionably heavy cross section