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Nov , Furthermore, in order to promote the use of plastic money, and at the same time decongesting the Tobacco Auction Floors, tobacco growers are The Reserve Bank has engaged bulks to facilitate the opening of low cost bank accounts for tobacco growers, which accounts shall remain active during and

Nov , The Eastgate Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, typifies the best of green architecture and ecologically sensitive adaptation The country s largest It is then vented into the building s floors and offices before exiting via chimneys at the top Air is continuously d n from this open space by fans on the first floor.

Jul , Church members line up to make contributions using point of sale machines at Chisipiti United Methodist Church in Harare, Zimbabwe The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is advocating for greater use of plastic money, with the intention of ensuring that percent of monetary transactions are done using

Aug , The study found an effective and appropriate chlorinator by using a pierced plastic bag filled with sand with a locally pressed chlorine tablet placed at its However, the distribution of soap is a simple and relatively affordable intervention that can be practised in the household while other interventions in

Oct , Rombout said By using harmonious movements and smart materials, only per cent of the effort of walking stairs is needed to bridge multiple floors It is unclear how much the device will cost or when it will readily available, although Rombout told MailOnline We are looking for people interested in a

Apr , In the previous seasons, farmers would cash in their cheques at the banks at the auction floors, but will now have their money deposited into their bank Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mangudya, confirmed the cash challenge and appealed to the banking public to adopt the use of plastic