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Sep , The walls of this remaining part of the warehouse were nevertheless severely damaged, and the resulting urban space after the demolition left an unstructured urban void without character We examined on site and in real size each shape and size, and we built the formwork with curved veneer wood.

Dali s career as an artist brought him into the film world a few times, yet never was his technique so off the wall as here with Bunuel Bunuel is Ultimately there is no redemption for Medea, her legend is of Greek Tragedy played by Pasolini as a deep study of the culture of feminists that were prominent in criticism Pasolini

Dec , Then I could resign, to signal how thoroughly I disapprove of initiatives so at odds with the Trust s culture, history and core membership Some are tenuous to the point of desperation Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire apparently counts because the dramatic Sir James Thornhill wall paintings on the

Jan , During a flood, glass panels break to let water flow through lower levels This disperses the force If the building was a solid wall instead of columns filled in with glass doors, the whole thing could collapse under the momentum of the wave, Mr Nelson told Smithsonian Magazine We opted to enable the

Mar , It s where Tomb Raider is at its absolute strongest, where it feels like something classic, yet technologically modern, free and explorable Yes, it s still entirely artificial, with ledges and beams you can use ludicrously painted white (thanks helpful locals!), and the rope able sections all mysteriously perfectly

Nov , The Chinese concept of feng shui dictates how various natural and artificial elements should interact for the most harmonious final result Three ancient Syzygium trees transplanted from Thai forests lend it a majestic air, while sculptural wall motifs and features including a metre swimming pool leading

Jan , The high walls reveal another highlight The wall panels made from white painted MDF serve not only to separate the space but also to provide access to additional The multiple artificial light sources, however, are only used in the evening as the architecture of house captures a great deal of natural light.

Feb , However, as we peel back the public veneer that is Coast to Coast, the firing of John B Wells was inevitable I figured they wouldn t let him stay on when he was serving T bone steak, while Noory is dishing up plain white rice (without gravy) It`s like kindergarten soup now with artificial meat!

Bill Corey of The Cubist Podcast joins us as we discover if the fourth wall bending athletic shenanigans of I ve been taken over by an insane artificial intelligence, which can only be defeated if you download and listen to this episode of Flip the Table about the cult classic The Omega Virus! [TRYYYYYYY AND

May , Apparently, they nominated the wrong lizard Atlantic Monthly PressOn this weekend s episode of the NPR game show Wait Wait Don t Tell Me!, humorist P.J O Rourkeusually classified as either a conservative leaning libertarian or a libertarian leaning conservativeannounced that he s voting for

Jun , The liberal media was clamoring for fireworks, for acrimony, for a fightfor a finger pointing Francis to lecture the chest thumping Trump about the callousness of building walls. We got none of that Instead, the world marveled at a friendly meeting between two major leadersthe leader of the world s

Feb , The United Kingdom has decided to increase the intellectual property protection for design which covers manufactured artistic creations like furniture, jewellery, and architecture from the life of the My view is that the distinctions between races and cultures are an insignificant and irrelevant veneer.

Oct , While a great many games still cling to the white hat black hat model of heroes and villains, there are still times when the prevailing cultural mood has led Scratch away the veneer of heroism, however, and you reveal the pent up, frustrated foreplay of Travis Bickle s mirror monologue rendered as pixel

Oct , There in the White House that fateful December [] evening, President Wilson signed away the last veneer of control over the American money supply [Wall Street banks have] become the economy s central planners, and their plan is for industry and labor to serve finance, not the other way around.

Apr , By Chris Mooney, a science and political journalist, blogger, podcaster, and experienced trainer of scientists in the art of communication He is the author of four books, including the just released The Republican Brain The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality and the New York

May , Rather than reflecting the sound around the canal, Asius says, the buds thin membranes absorb the rebound and deflect it into the canal s walls, where it can travel to the cochlea through the bones of the ear (check out this video illustrating the process) And there s a bonus they also don t fall out when you

Nov , That very Euro culture that transformed the USA from a frontier nation to the most powerful nation on the face of the earth in an astonishingly short time Every other challenge before us is IMHO an order of magnitude less important Why I suspect many like me (Euro white male) don t really care about saving