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Nov , Give your joints a break while you re standing at the stove, with these resilient and beautiful materials for kitchen floors They tend to be more moisture resistant than wood floors, but because they are not a solid material all the way through, they can t be refinished if damaged Material cost to per

Find out which woods are the most durable and weather resistant for outdoor furniture, including acacia, cedar, cypress, redwood, shorea, and teak the patina of shorea fades from gold to gray over time The wood s youthful glow can be sustained by treating it annually with oil from its more expensive cousin, teak.

Aug , Ecofriendly and full of character, this heat and scratch resistant material is a great fit for custom kitchen counters.

Aug , Built in planters filled with succulents, grasses and other low water plants frame the deck and serve as a boundary for the foot drop Patio floor Poured in place concrete pavers of various sizes create areas for outdoor dining and sitting, with a path of foot by foot slabs between them.

Sep , According to a theory advanced by a materials scientist in Norway, a mixture of water from sprinkler systems and molten aluminum from melted aircraft hulls created I presume that this is what happened within the Twin Towers, and that the molten aluminium then began to run down into the floors below .

Sep , Sn?hetta has revived an old wooden boathouse on a Norwegian island to create a dormitory for children visiting an annual summer camp Corrugated polycarbonate sheets create a waterproof layer around the exterior Around this, the team installed wooden boards that sit at a degree angle to the

Oct , A built in outdoor grill and concrete countertop allow for easy outdoor cooking and entertaining The concrete flooring is made up of poured slabs surrounded by planting pockets for low water silver carpet (Dymondia margaretae) and tufts of green mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus), which help with

May , Sarah Greenman Waterside dining in Dallas In a shady Texas courtyard, a concrete picnic table doubles as a water feature, with a pumped rill flowing through its center to small ponds on either ends In surrounding rooms, visitors also enjoy hearing the sound of falling water as it runs through the system.

Sep , Because the patch is narrow, water can easily run off before it soaks into the soil, and maintaining an area farther out from your home is probably not the most fun garden task In addition, the Use oversize flagstone pieces to create landing pads or pour concrete insets into several areas along your strip.

May , In comparison, a heavy polish is more expensive and will expose the stones and provide a more colorful finish Other finishes can include stamping, dyeing, embossing, staining and more Contemporary Kitchen by ArchiBlox ArchiBlox The Pros of Concrete Flooring Concrete floors can be a cost efficient

Oct , Have your installer seal the cork with a low VOC finish to ensure that no water can seep through seams or cracks Cork is water resistant but not waterproof It works well in bathrooms but can suffer damage when exposed to standing water for too long Cork floors can plump, warp and distort if water

Nov , Bolidt, known as the deck and flooring specialists, is supplying ,m of surfacing for Norwegian Breakaway, including Bolideck , a seamlessly applied, skid resistant and shock absorbing deck covering system, or Bolideck Future Teak Anders Lund Rasmussen, Tillberg Design Senior Architect,

Oct , (Cement based terrazzo can range from to pounds per square foot) Its light weight allows it to be used for vertical applications, such as walls Can be installed over new or existing concrete or plywood subfloors Highest color availability Resistant to chemicals, mold and bacteria Most crack resistant

Jun , A main house s patio uses a wall of the property s secondary unit to help create a private outdoor living space The patio is impervious, but water drains away from the house into the planting bed at the yard s edge Threshold The house s floor sits feet ( centimeters) above the patio level Mohler

Oct , How to Future Proof Your Family Bathroom This used to be very expensive, but as demand has grown, it has become slightly more affordable If you plan to change flooring types from one zone to another, as seen here with these wood slats in the shower and tiles outside, you need to establish those

Jan , The ground floor, known as the flood room , feels like an ordinary room rather than a redundant space It s decorated like any other living space, expect every item within it is certified waterproof so they won t be ruined by floodwater Dubbed the Tsunami House , it stands at around m ( ft) tall and can

May , The silvery green foliage of white sage (Salvia apiana) adds a touch of magic year round to the drought tolerant garden The powerfully scented leaves of this California native have been used for centuries by native peoples for purification ceremonies Apios means bee in Latin, and bees produce a

Aug , Tip Many of these tile choices require a special setting material, such as tile cement or mortar, so make sure your steam shower is designed with this in mind Remember that shower floors need to be presloped before waterproofing to ensure that any moisture that gets under the tile can drain Before

Nov , As you descend a few concrete steps to enter the sunken outdoor living room, you re d n to the generously scaled U shape bench Made of a sustainable The beautiful cast stone patio does just that, relying on thick slabs to form the floor, including a cutout niche to accommodate a nearby tree.

Jan , No longer reserved for industrial or ultracontemporary homes and additions, concrete is seducing more of us by the day and convincing us to put this hard working material to use inside and outside the home Kitchens have been showing off concrete in smart and sophisticated ways for some time, but

May , When mixed, water and cement form a cement paste and, combined with the aggregate, create a hard, stone like material Good partners Maybe And for really heavy pieces, you should check your kitchen floor s weight rating It is scratch resistant but can be damaged by splashes of acid and grease.