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Make your own drapes out of drop cloth plus tons of creative DIY drape Make them out of painter s drop cloths {From DIY Showoff} How to make your own DIY drapes from a sheet set plus many more Use a sheet set! {From Mrs Hines Class} Sew your own curtain panels drapes out of tablecloths and many more

Mar , Beyond planning to build a border wall, a rallying cry during his campaign, he has expanded the authority of immigration enforcement officers and pledged to hire more of them raised the threshold for entry to the United States based on claims of persecution back home and called for more detentions and

Jul , [Full disclosure I m a SCTY shareholder, but not a RUN or VSLR shareholder, since I think Silevo solar panels and SolarCity s market dominance so far The Seeking Alpha analyst s key argument is that SolarCity prices would likely drop even further if Tesla Motors acquires SolarCity, and that the result

Feb , Tesla s battery price is artificially low It does not have an inverter, so must be sold with one or two approved devices, approved installation, and solar package deals Certainly in Australia, removing the battery from any of those packages, allows free choice of panels and inverter, resulting in greater return

Sep , Joy over the new addition seems to have put Voltaic in an especially good mood, as they also announced a price drop on the Watt Solar Charger Kit and All you ve got to do is post a photo of your current Voltaic solar charger, battery or light on the company s Facebook wall in the month of September.

Mar , As a result, we will no longer be offering the DC Powerwall, which was the same price and size of the AC Powerwall but did not include an inverter When Tesla Due to the standard inverters for solar panels the panels themselves on roofs are jumping up and down V on roofs at Hz It s absolute

Mar , I have walls in my bedroom, which was quite confusing until I labeled and marked the walls and fabric panels The first wall you Work with a drop cloth beneath you so falling objects don t scratch or damage hard floors A measuring tape Fabric is often more cost effective than wallpaper I have found

As the Tesla Model reservations have taken the news by storm, and the company is reporting a Model S facelift along with opening the Model X configurator to the public, a newly upgraded, cheaper wall charger has surfaced on the Tesla Gear website.

Sep , Just a few tiny wires to the battery, to a little box like a thermostat on the wall, then router wireless or hardwire to your computer Done Cost about Bob_Wallace year ago Thanks That s tempting But there s no way to tell how much your panels produced per day Which could be misleading if your

Sep , Your projection screen drops down silently from behind a beam in the ceiling For all kinds of cool theater articles, check out One of my best basement ideas is to wire two screen walls instead of just one It only cost me a few extra bucks and about a half days work But now I

Sep , We installed our basement s exterior walls in a weekend! When we planned out our basement, we used the project calculator to figure out the number of panels that we needed SMARTWALL panels can From the edge of that piece of wood, you drop a plumb bob and mark it on the floor From there, you

Sep , Another day, another crash and another Chinese ban This time, as Reuters spotted, a single report from financial news site Caixin is saying that the Chinese government is considering banning cryptocurrency exchanges in China In particular, the report is saying that Chinese citizens won t be able to use