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Jul , This modern Mexican home will take your breath away with its awesome ocean views A lap pool also lies precariously close to a sheer edge over the ocean scene, flanked by barely there glass balustrade along the sun deck Drift wood furniture continues the beach theme into the interior design .

Apr , This technology has allowed AZEK decking products to carry an industry best, year limited fade and stain and a limited lifetime warranty Hanley Wood, and their publication BUILDER, sponsored the BUILDER Brand Use Study to profile the brands builders use and to better understand the

Jul , Iraqi forces began their own celebrations, decking vehicles with flowers and Iraqi flags Signs were draped on Baghdad s ubiquitous concrete blast walls reading Iraq my nation, my glory, my honour But the deaths of the US soldiers officials not wishing to overshadow the handover, gave few details, only

Jul , A circuit of the deck provides panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and farmland from different heights and angles The Sweep viewing platform by John Lin Slatted wooden balustrades follow the curve of the outer and inner edges of the loop, with spaces beneath the structure providing shelter from

Jan , Lightweight wood construction refers to engineered wood products used in modern wood frame structures they have less area mass and are lighter than Today, wood trusses and wooden I beams are used as framing or structural members thin boards are used for sheathing or decking made of by

Sep , Promenades on different levels offer various ways of navigating the waterfront, with the wooden decking rearing up at one point to create a diving platform Kalvebod Waves by JDS Architects and KLAR Architects The two firms won the competition to develop the Kalvebod harbour area in , and JDS

Mar , The angled shape of the cabin shelters a small patch of decking in front of the glazed entrance Brenner Bastu sauna by Hans Murman Inside, a wood lined sauna and sitting room built of pine like a boat s interior are placed at either end of the structure, while a kitchenette, bathroom and storage space

Nov , House in Nara by Keiichi Sugiyama After demolishing the old wall, I built a new short retaining wall with a warm looking wooden screen along the boundary, and scraped off the ground, explained the architect I floated the deck using cedar scaffolding plates at the same level as the ground floor .

May , Tall panels of yellow and orange glazing set into the balustrades cast slices of golden light onto the decking Residential tower in Paris by Hamonic Masson AssociƩs and Comte Vollenweider Architectes This project is not a high rise, but embodies a shift in attitude, and this gradual increase marks a

Jan , At the top of the staircase is a terrace with views of surrounding woodland and, as the decking includes several glass panels, you feel as if you re walking on air when you look down Graham and Rebecca use the terrace The main living room is light and airy, with a wood burning stove It backs on to the

Jun , Putting up shelves, building flat pack furniture, laying laminate flooring, carpets or decking, wallpapering and knocking down walls will also lead to Dad getting a phone call from their struggling offspring It also emerged that instead of being annoyed by the constant call outs, per cent of people think their

Jun , The firm offers a range of options for other elements of the home, from window trim and porch decking to interior flooring, appliances, lighting and hardware Exterior walls panels up to feet (nine metres) in length, along with interior walls and wooden flooring, are built in a climate controlled factory.

May , A tree grows up the larger courtyard, on the side of the hostel, which also features blue painted steps and wooden decking These outdoor spaces separate public spaces set to the street facing side, and the more private living areas located at at the rear of the house Multi place house by EKAR Architects.

Aug , The decking has additional seating around a fire pit, and provides views of the valley below and mountains beyond through its glass balustrades la muna oppenheim Other homes in the Colorado mountains include a family residence with an exterior made of burnt wood and a roof sheathed in copper.

Nov , Deep in the woods of Quebec, Canadian firm Appareil Architecture has built a black house with a matching smaller cabin, linked together with outdoor decking Chalet Grand Pic comprises two structures one large and one small both clad in corrugated steel painted shiny black, and topped with silver

Oct , The same wood provides decking and a path in the garden, which extends from the house towards the boardwalk and features native seaside succulents and grasses Shoreham beach house Abir architects After the pebbles on the beach you ve got the glass which reflects the sea and the sky, and then

Jun , A covered terrace on the lower floor features wooden decking surrounded by planting, providing employees with outdoor space and views of the city Wieden Kennedy offices by Work Architecture Company Other facilities include a multipurpose gym, a kitchen and lounge areas, plus a bar next to the spiral

May , Conceptually it responds to the solidity and monolithic nature of Sir John Soane s gallery building, and the porous, ever changing nature of the landscape Three mirrored panels support a broad timber framed roof above a wooden deck, while further moveable panels allow the space to be reconfigured

Today s high tech woodworker is often in a hurry, but true tung oil takes its time to cure Pure tung oil has relatively poor penetration, and scratches that penetrate the finish can expose the bare wood beneath This can be compensated for by adding up to turpentine as a thinning agent to improve penetration on the first

Jan , A large wooden deck stretches out between the two structures, forming an extension of the open plan living room and kitchen The main strategy was to create a big terrace, explains Gubbins Arquitectos The terrace extends towards the ocean, removing the view of the existing houses Casa Mava by

Truckmania was briefed to design and build a unit that is mobile, simple to both bump in and bump out and unlike anything ever designed before it The design was influenced by the classic Queenslander style pub and features a m bar with timber interior and decking The promotional unit consists of a B Double trailer