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Consumer Reports is skeptical about viability of the new Tesla solar roof offer, noting the upfront costs could be much higher than traditional offerings As is typical with Tesla, you can expect the more expensive products to come out first, but they said within month intervals for the subsequent ones Elon said in the

Jun , If you have a basement that is unfinished with a good ceiling height, finishing that space will likely be the least expensive way to go If you have to dig down a few feet, that cost will begin to compete with the cost of a ground level addition If you are completely digging out a basement or lifting your home to

Pool Deck Options Jul , Steve Graham SHARES alanford stock.xchng A flat gray concrete pool deck is no longer your only option, though it is still a solid choice There are plenty of other materials with a range of benefits and d backs and a wide range of prices When choosing a material, consider the

Oct , Without a vapor retarder, the deck board (sometimes called a roof board or substrate board ) under the insulation layers has much less utility Considering that some deck board products may be vapor semi impermeable, omitting this component will save cost and may foster greater drying potential

Mar , What you do to a home in terms of renovations, furnishings and additions is all well and good while you sleep under its roof Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington) has the highest average cost value ratio in the country, at percent, largely because the high cost of remodeling in the region

Aug , The cost to add this porch to my home in October was ,. , of that was the cost to remove and rebuild the old brick stoop If you re adding a porch and can use your old stoop, you can avoid that cost That figure also included an allowance of for lighting and a metal roof allowance of

Jan , boxes on porch Next step was adding these boxes they assembled that would be the outer edge of the porch roof I don t know the technical terms for the trim above my garage, the new door and repair on the middle garage door, all for ,, which I think is a very reasonable price for what all they did.

Sep , We were then still overwhelmed by the , average cost to build a tiny house I also have been looking into unvented roof designs, which really amounts to adding insulation panels above the primary roof deck to eliminate condensation on it, resulting in no need for venting under that roof deck.

It may have a patio or even a cantilevered roof that supports a deck from the upper floor of the house A walkout basement has lots of advantages going for it, so don t despair if you have a less than level building site The footing on the walkout side of the basement will be below the local average frost line depth.

Sep , Overall, the average price of a Brooklyn house is almost ,, up percent from the year before, reports brokerage Douglas Elliman Sponsored For under million, you ll probably get outdoor space in the form of a yard or, depending on the property, a roof deck. CROWN HEIGHTS.

A foundation has to safely bear not only the weight of the porch substructure but also the roof, railings, columns, and more as well Download a free How to Footing Details Two typical footing and pier construction techniques diagrams of pier and footing Ledger board installed under door threshold As with deck ledger

The science geeks actually shot man made hail a mix of frozen water and seltzer water from hail cannons at up to mph The study found homeowners with metal and wood roofs were twice as likely to file claims those with slate, wood, and metal roofs have the highest average claim costs (not surprising given the

Mar , And while SolarCity pioneered the no upfront cost lease program for residential rooftop solar installations, SunPower now has a similar program so consumers don t have to choose between The average consumer, Pearce said, is going to buy polysilicon modules, because they are the least expensive.

Aug , Cost The average cost to build a new deck is around , Money Saving Tips If you have an existing deck, consider having it repaired, rather than replacing it Often pressure washing and staining a deck, while replacing some of the boards can help extend its life Replace Your Roof After a long

Dec , The building, now known as First Street , has a bike room, courtyard and roof deck There have been four closed sales logged at the building with an average price of million, or , per square foot, according to StreetEasy There are apartments under contract with an average price of

resistance to corrosion and rusting less expensive material than aluminum, zinc, or copper install sheathing under the tin to insulate from the noise of rain and hail recommended for harsher environmental conditions Corrugated Metal Roofing high initial cost but will last longer than other materials Stainless steel roofing

May , Roofs are under Dead Load After some simple scientific investigation, I knew this corner of the roof needed to go up between an inch and an inch and half I also knew that the roof was, all things being equal, going to be relatively light Ha! No science at all really I mean I really have no clue how much

Jul , Mr Kean s property is at the high end of the Hamptons housing market, where the average sale price is million, but the melding of inside and out is a They want their loggias, their terraces, their barbecue, their roof deck, their fireplace, their two outdoor showers in the master bedroom and outdoor

For information about general construction footers, Front Porch Ideas and More (.com), has some nice illustrations that show the poured concrete and pier footings For the metal roof and flashing, you would tuck a single length of flashing, that has been bent to the needed angle, place the flashing under the homes

Jul , Under such a system, power plant operators have the option to sell electricity from their power plants to the grid on a day ahead, hourly, or other short term Perfect competition drives prices down to marginal cost, but keeping a business from bankruptcy requires prices to be at average cost, so perfect

Jan , When completed, the , square foot pad will have two terraces and a roof deck, four bedrooms and a solarium It will also have He declined to disclose the identity of the penthouse buyer, or the final sale price When sales launched, the average asking price on a per square foot basis was ,.

Aug , We visited our home under construction after the roof decking was installed with the barrier, we could notice the difference instantly Outside the temperature measured degrees Inside it was only degrees The house didn t even have insulation yet or windows Jack years ago Lowest Cost

Dec , Building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)the generation category solar shingles fall underhave been around since the beginning A BIPV system stays in place and often exceeds a non solar roof s lifespan, saving the headache of a solar reattachment and the cost of a re roofing SunTegra got its start