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Oct , Confusion can arise from labels that certify too much or too little information Some eco labels focus on a single product attribute (e.g recycled content), which keeps things simple but can inadvertently mislead consumers into thinking the product is green overall Other labels look at several characteristics

Cabinet hinges come in all types of styles finishes to suit virtually any situation European style hidden hinges are one of the easiest to find and install But you still need to choose the right type for your cabinet style What are European hinges European or Euro hinges are two piece hinges consisting of a hinge cup and

You create, navigate, and manage layers on the Layers panel, shown in the following figure (as the panel appears in Microsoft Windows) When a regular layer becomes a shared layer, you re asked to choose whether the layer contains entities on multiple pages You can include only the entities from the current page,

Oct , If you are an avid upcycler, chances are you have created something from a wood pallet Upcycling with wood pallets might be a current trend, but in the rush to finish a project, many people are ignoring some of the potential dangers Did you know, for instance, that when the National Consumers League

Feb , Alpha Direct is made of post consumer recycled polyester In its naked form, it is essentially a synthetic fleece The Rab Alpha Flash Jacket is a basic piece it has Alpha Direct over most of its shape with stretch panels under the arms and along the sides There is a single chest pocket, a waist hem, and

Jul , Guest post by Solar panels are the best way to get your power for free And while they re built to last for years or more, it ll take some time to recoup your investment and not every manufacturer or installer will be around as long An engineer and a solar expert confirmed our findings The

Jul , Caryn OSullivan of Drapery Street says the striking fabric on the top portion of the drapery panel features a thin doubled up layer of linen that is already integrated into the A down feather blend is a good choice for loose cushions because of its moldability and because it suits the casual nature of linen.

Mar , Titled Generation Change A Lesson from Junior Innovators this panel hopes to explore the minds of these young pioneers Kids are Main creatively chose to make the candles in recycled soup cans and identified an opportunity to give back and donate the soups to local homeless shelters To date, Hart

Jul , Make sure to choose tolerant and resistant plants that can endure extreme weather conditions Not every plant would survive the extreme exposure to the elements on the rooftop Some of your best options are succulents (such as cacti), sedums (such as biting stonecrop), or some wildflowers (aster, yarrow,

Fiberglass air filters are very thin and they have a simple flat panel surface for trapping particles from the air They were originally developed to protect your heating and air conditioning equipment, not to improve your indoor air quality They can often be purchased for less than apiece Unfortunately, they remove less

But now you have a wider choice of factory finishes and colors, and more DIY friendly ways to install the panels Mineral Fiber Made of recycled newspapers, mineral wool, and starch, these embossed by foot tongue and groove tiles go up with staples shot into furring strips, or with adhesive if the ceiling is smooth

May , The L shaped balcony made out of thermally insulating pine shutters are foldable panels which allow for natural light and ventilation on the interior, as well as Read on to learn how to choose the best possible window treatments for your particular windows, and save money and your sanity in the process!

Dethleffs, a motorhome dealer in the United Kingdom, has recently unveiled an electric RV that s powered by solar panels and a battery pack.

Aug , The amount of paper we use has somewhat forced our hand in terms of recycling This infographic from Colourfast takes you through the progress we are making and offers insight into how we can progress even further There is still some confusion over what we can and can t recycle, so it s important that

Part of the Buyer s Guide to Solar Photovoltaic Systems explores what size battery bank you ll need and what kind of battery and other components are best.

Dec , You can choose to have it displayed or not here You can enable or disable this You can change these icons if you wish, customize the appearance of the Recycle Bin by changing one or both of these icons, via the Control Panel Personalization Change desktop icons link But we have noticed that in

Apr , Healthy body care products are just as important as healthy food find out why you should choose organic body care and how to choose better products.

Jun , You can choose what town or county you live in, but you can t always rely on the city s water that comes with it The results can mean bathing water that leaves a film on your body or your skin dry, and drinking water that has a bad aftertaste A solution is to install a filtration system that can help purify the

Jun , One of the biggest reasons that people choose to place a saltwater aquarium in their home is simply the beauty of the fish species that thrive in a saltwater environment While there are certainly a number of beautiful fish that can survive in a freshwater aquarium, there are a great many of much rarer species

Jun , Just remember, whether you choose one of these cruises or find your own, there are things you personally can do to reduce your carbon footprint, such as Non traditional materials like ceiling panels, scrap metal and excess plastics, are also recycled through a partnership with Keep America Beautiful.

Each security system type, from CCTV monitoring, intrusion detection panels and sensors, and the automation system of swing gates have some features that will reduce for sure the electrical consumption For example, choose an IP surveillance system over an analogue one because only one IP megapixel camera can

Aug , However, if you choose to seal it, it must be a silane based breathable sealer. She warns that using a sealer may The reclaimed brick was used to age the kitchen while adding warmth and texture, says Brian Thompson, president of Thompson Custom Homes The intricate brickwork is full of special