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Mar , The Kiosk is located in the Park of the Bundesgartenschau in Potsdam, Germany As an extension or all sides In the Islamic culture it was constructed by rough tree trunks that supported a roof made of st or wood The inner shell of the kiosk is made of multi wall panels and has no structural function.

May , M?hring Architekten clad this holiday home in Germany in black painted wood and cut windows out of the corners to give it a contemporary edge Instead of a thatched roof, the team used zinc panels with raised seams, helping to differentiate the property from its neighbours They also recessed the

Jul , Against a backdrop of exposed brick walls dipped in a white hue, grid engraved wooden panels present the current eyewear collections Expansive windows allow in plenty of daylight, but the frames are highlighted by a sophisticated system of suspended lamps Matching beautifully with the flooring of

Jun , passivhaus, German building science, HTWK Leipzig, PCM, vacuum insulation, thin wall in a Passivhaus project with a timber structure would make the building close to carbon positive due to the low embodied energy in transportation for the lightweight panels and the sequestered carbon in the wood.

Mar , It consists of alternating, cross laminated (akin to plywood) dimensional lumber layers, which produces panels that can be used either for floor, wall or roof construction Benefits of this system This is a seven story building in Berlin, Germany, which uses a six story high wooden frame As can be seen in

Dec , The elements are statically stressed construction elements and are used as wall, ceiling and roof panels in solid timber construction projects Thanks to the cross wise structure of the wood, expansion and shrinkage in the panel plane is reduced to an insignificant minimum At the same time, this raises the

Dec , An open kitchen complete with front cooking stations extends along the long wall Narrow bands of tiles in the Corporate Colour dark violet cover the walls inside the kitchen area The wall above the counter is decorated with handmade wooden panels of driftwood This is one of the many features of the

May , The wood panels add a living room friendly depth and warmth to the normally gloss and matte black design vernacular of console design Kits for the Balolo Xbox One, PS, and PlayStation Controller are all made in Germany and can be customized in a variety of wood combinations with custom

Mar , They radiate clarity and warmth thanks to their wooden panelling, beige curtains and backlit mirrors that radiate a soft light Not only a promise For hessnatur nature is more than just a word The new store concepts commits to ecological sustainability with every fibre The materials match the strong

Oct , Stein Hemmes Wirtz, Photovoltaic Panels, Glass Wall, Geothermal Pump, Farschweiler, Germany The architects constructed the Wood was the material of choice for the upper level, with an added layer of wood fiber creating an airtight shell that is free from thermal bridges The walls store heat in an

Feb , Behind the counter, a dynamic wall rises to the ceiling Projecting wooden panels concealing useful storage space combined with recessed presentation niches give the wall an energetic feel Motel One hotels typically feature different seating islands and the group with Arne Jacobsen s famous egg chair

Architects Peter Thomas Hornung and Elsa Katharina Jacobi are the brains behind this ultra modern winding house here in Buschelhof, Germany Known for Futuristic Countryside Home in Southern Germany Just beyond the floor to ceiling glass walls, a wood patio offers an alfresco spot to sunning, sipping, snoozing.

Feb , B Emmy B in Stuttgart, Germany, they included several panels of wood shingles that run from the reception area all the way down the hall to where the space opens up to the lounge and presentation area Interior Design Idea In this contemporary office interior, the designers used wooden shingles on

Aug , Germany, Solar Decathlon, SDE , ECOLAR, photovoltaic panels, energy efficiency, In order to be able to use wood as the main construction material and still maintain high energy performance, the team from Rome added wall layers that can be filled with heavy materials with good thermal mass