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The panels have a reinforced plastic foam slab attached to and sandwiched between a plastic sheet defining a traffic face to be oriented towards the source of noise and a plastic sheet defining a residential face Pockets filled with a sound absorption material are formed in the panels at the traffic face which is selectively

Jan , Hell, you say I don t need my insulation to make an air seal because I used that good ole house wrap on the outside Nope, nothing wrong with house wrap, but no help with the air sealing you need at your vapor barrier The air seal in this case wants to be on the warm side of the wall, to prevent interior

Mar , Novel building systems, in particular low cost superior strength building assemblies incorporating single or double shear walls, and disaster resistant for adding rooms to existing buildings, such as attached residential room additions, basements, disaster relief housing, and Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.

Oct , No ,, filed Jun , , still pending, the contents of which are incorporated by reference herein in its entirety BACKGROUND Field The presently disclosed embodiments relate to wall panel systems, and more particularly to a high impact, moisture and flame resistant wall panel system .

A building panel module incorporating spaced inner and outer wall surfaces of metallic sheet construction to provide both longitudinal and transverse load , such as loose gravel, concrete, or the like, to further slow the speed of projectiles by absorbing part of their kinetic energy as they pass through the interior of the

Aug , An acoustical panel as set forth in claim , wherein the apertures are round, coaxial holes in the face and interior walls parallel or near parallel to said face The panel is arranged to absorb those sound frequencies audible to the human ear and can be readily tuned to absorb sound in the lower

is an enlarged section through two assembled, angularly disposed modular panel units of the invention, which may be a wall panel and a ceiling panel, The core is made up in layers, with each layer designed for good sound absorption properties for a given range of the audio spectrum, with the assembly of layers

Feb , The lightweight AAC building material produced from the mine tailings has excellent thermal insulation properties, sound absorption and other desirable e.g building blocks B, prefab wall panels W, roof tiles RT, roof panels RP, reinforced steel wall panels RS, see generally FIGS.

Jul , A prisoner detention facility providing vandalism resistance constructed of modular shells having outer steel plate wall panels welded together to No ,, issued Apr , However this equipment did not meet many security needs such as sound proofing, impact resistance to great forces such

Apr , Office partition walls are assembled from adjacent rectangular partitions as shown in FIG A partition is generally clad with panels and The panels and are constructed of a painted sheet metal cover which may be filled with sound absorbing insulation and covered with sound absorbing fabric or

A modular wall panel typically includes a combination of framing elements and insulation It may also include inside sheathing, typically gypsum wall board of some kind, and external or outside sheathing which may be plywood or oriented strand board Modular insulated walls are addressed in U.S Pat No ,, of

Oct , While upholstered walls help with insulation, today they re primarily used for aesthetics and acoustics, either by enhancing sound within a room or Some installation methods incorporate a system that eliminates the need for any edge treatment (see the section on prefabricated frame systems below).

One type of movable wall which may be used as a part of a solution to those issues noted above is a solid core partition, which has substantial sound transmission resistance The use of a solid gypsum core provides significant structural and acoustic benefits, at a relatively low cost However, conventional solid core

Aug , Various attempts have been made to increase the sound absorbing or dampening properties of steel decking For example, steel decking has been fabricated to include perforated fins for receiving insulation Rigid insulation board has been applied directly over the decking Cellular steel decking has been

Sep , Prefabricated load bearing St Panels are made for cost efficient and precise construction of super insulated houses and roofs Boards are fire resistant, waterproof, rot resistant, termite and vermin resistant, insulating, sound absorbing, free of harmful emissions, and accept a wide range of finishes.

W S TRADER SOUND ABSORBING BOARD FOR WALLS A ND CEILINGS Filed Oct lO, Sheets Sheet l Sept l, , ,, Insulite, which is made from wood pulp tailings, and which likewise has a porous fibrous body portion, and is possessed of considerable strength when nailed to the walls of houses.

No , Claims (Cl )) This invention is directed to a joint cap particularly arranged to retain modular building panels in associated relationship There is a tremendously increased interest in the field of modular building construction wherein individual wall panels are placed adjacent each other and are suitably

INVENTOK United States Patent ,, HYDRAULIC CEMENT PANEL WITH LOW DEN SITY CORE AND FIBER REINFORCED HIGH DENSITY SURFACE LAYERS Paul E Dinkel, US , Apr , , Aug , , Pike Clinton W Sr, Sound absorbing wall systems and methods of producing same.

No , Claims (( ) This invention relates to a hollow wall construction and more particularly to a lightweight wall construction which has superior sound control properties, especially with respect to sound transmission In the modern apartment house, oilice building, hotel and other buildings of this nature,

Aug , In a second embodiment, channels for receiving electrical wiring and plumbing conduits are formed in the wall panels, and an air conditioning duct is formed by The present invention, as previously stated, relates to methods and apparatus for making low cost housing which includes modular building

A vertically adjustable door assembly for use in a modular wall assembly includes a door opening defined by first and second door jamb assemblies which are Partitions with a free upper edge modular coordination assembled using frames with infill panels or coverings only made up of panels and a support structure

Nov , No ,, discloses a prefabricated wall panel in which a rigid support structure is covered on one side with a plurality of fascia panels, such as tiles, resiliently secured thereto A plurality of such prefabricated wall panels are fastened to a building s framework to form an exterior wall thereof The fascia

The space divider system makes use of modular wall panels having improved interconnection components adapted to interact with tubular mounting frames which are interconnected intermediate to adjacent wall panels Each wall panel includes a spring biased upper bracket and a lower bracket each of which is mounted

Each of the reinforcing studs is also welded to the sill and extends upwardly from the sill to a height of about or less of the height of the metal wall studs Because the lower portions of the basement wall are somewhat more likely to come in contact with water, the lower portions of the prefabricated sections (as shown

The Company s civil works include road safety facilities, including dual strength guardrails, thrie beam guardrails, open guardrails, shock absorbing steel bridge guardrail systems, bike trail safety fences and prefabricated steel frame walls soundproof facilities, including sound absorbing panels, tunnel soundproof walls and