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Sep , The tropics Asia, Africa, and Latin America account for percent of FSC certified areas There was also no significant difference in how the communities practiced shifting cultivation, hunted wildlife, or collected non timber forest products between certified and non certified concessions Another

Dec , Japan based aid group sets up fish, timber projects in rural Laos Villagers in Savannakhet Province, central Laos, shown a greater interest in local activities JVC also provides aid in other countries, including Cambodia, Thailand, Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Afghanistan, South Africa and North Korea.

Jan , The MOU is intended to stem the illegal timber trade in East Africa, which is fuelling deforestation in the region Several projects As a result of the increased regulation, reduced timber supply and decrease in tourism, woodcarvers in Lunga Lunga say their industry has declined dramatically A bag of

May , Precut Plywood Kits Available for Storer Boats UK, Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa Quick Canoe precut plywood kit with all timber Duckflat can supply materials packs for any boat, but also precut plywood kits for the Goat Island Skiff, the PDRacer, The Eureka Canoe, the Handy Punt and the

Feb , Estrela da Floresta was created to develop Angola s timber sector through sustainable forestry practices, as well as contribute to job creation and national economic growth In the context of logging, the key is sustainable fibre supply sustainably managed forests that can supply wood and fibre at

hectares of new timber plantations could be needed by in order to meet plantations within grassland biomes, especially in South America and Africa Argentina and Uruguay have both experienced rapid growth in tree plantations in grasslands This brings the supply of valuable ecosystem services and benefits

Jan , In the short term, Angola has the ability to significantly increase forest products exports which would bring a number of positive socio economic benefits Yet government policies are making it hard for timber companies to export to other African countries and right across the continent demand isn t being met

Apr , In Sahelian Africa, a region that spans the continent and is bordered by the Sahara to the north and the Sudanian Savanna to the south, the roofs of many through wide swaths of its timber supply, and advocates like AVN believe it s the most promising building material for affordable housing in the area.

Nov , In the South, a typical privately owned woodland plot can act as a source of timber, a source of non timber forest products such as ginseng and mushrooms, and a recreation site It may also provide game for hunters and a home to wild turkeys, foxes and a host of other wildlife (no less than of U.S bird

Dec , The Lacey Act, created in to ban illegal trafficking of animals, was amended in to prohibit trade in illegally sourced wood and wood products During a November forest governance meeting, the Peruvian government pledged to improve the traceability of timber flows through export

Sep , In particular, there are large, globally significant expanses of forest in Tanintharyi, in the south of the country, and in Kachin, Shan and Sagaing divisions in Trade in timber products, mainly logs, between Myanmar and China reached record levels in , according to the findings of an EIA investigation.

Oct , Other stories in the first issue highlighted imports of African logs into France and Burmese teak by US firms Natural rainforest in Sa ak Meranti is the commercial name for timber products coming from a genus of hardwood trees found in Southeast Asia s rainforests It is typically used to make boats,

Nov , An executive director of the Forestry Commission Alhassan Attah said the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) between the EU and some timber producing companies in Ghana has ensured sanity in the timber trade by ensuring the export of only legally produced timber products into the EU market.

Apr , He works for and supplies timber to Mr Forest Ltd, a Chinese forest company also in the northern province of Cabo Delgado Responsible Chinese forest investment is also a key concern for the IIED led China Africa Forest Governance Project (CAFGoP) which is what brought me to Mozambique.

May , In its new report published today, Trading in Chaos, Greenpeace Africa reveals the findings of two years of investigations into the operations both at as the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), exists with the sole purpose of preventing illegally sourced timber or timber products being placed on

Jan , Vietnam is in the process of negotiating a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) with the European Union under the EU s Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan, in the hopes of selling its timber products in more regulated European markets DONG KY, Vietnam A mere

Nov , The Dutch government has given Boogaerdt Houta two months in which to clear its supply chain of Burmese teak If after that time the company has still not complied, it will be fined , euros (,) per cubic meter of illegal timber Teak (Tectona grandis) is native to South and Southeast Asia, and its

Aug , Neighbouring South Africa for example, now one of the only African wood exporters is likely to become an importer of wood products over the next decade The company s Timber Fund has several footings across the entire chain of forestry management in Angola including plant trials, the management of

Aug , A survey by WWF confirms that many EU countries are still failing to halt the entry of illegal wood products into the EU markets It accounts for of the global timber trade and contributes to more than of tropical deforestation in Central Africa, the Amazon and South East Asia Cutting forests

A decade of biodiversity conservation and use in South Africa tracking progress from the Rio Earth Summit to the Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Deve R Wynberg South African Journal of Wild product governance finding policies that work for non timber forest products SA Laird, RJ McLain, R Wynberg.