new material fluorocarbon panel for houeing unit

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The cooling apparatus includes a housing having a compartment within which dielectric fluid is disposed which facilitates immersion cooling of the electronic For example, fluids such as refrigerants or other dielectric liquids (e.g fluorocarbon liquid) exhibit lower thermal conductivity and specific heat properties compared

Sep , The invention can also teach methods to seal porous materials and also teaches new compositions and modifications of aluminum phosphate materials Enamel, granite, marble, floor tiles, glass, porcelanized stoneware, oven and related cooking appliances in a kitchen, oven interior panels, food trays,

A barrier film is disclosed that includes a polymeric film substrate and at least first and second polymer layers separated by an inorganic barrier layer The first polymer layer is disposed on the polymeric film substrate At least one of the first or second polymer layers is prepared from co deposited amino silane and acrylate or

Other suitable materials are fabrics with warp knit synthetic fibers with high moisture resistance such as fibers of polyaramid or polyamide (Nylon) having similar physical properties to the preferred polyester tricot knit fabric and elastomeric polymer coatings of fluorosilicones or low temperature fluoroplastics or fluorocarbons

Mar , The static charge dissipative layer is made of a material selected from the group consisting of diamond like carbon, silicon nitride, boron nitride, boron The deposition apparatus includes a support structure , a housing including a front panel of one or more doors , side walls and a

Dec , Therefore, while semi solid compositions, such as creams, lotions, gels and ointments are commonly used by consumers, new forms are desirable in order any organic material comprising three or more repeating units, and includes oligomers, polymers, copolymers, block copolymers, terpolymers, etc.

Sep , The web of the invention can comprise a super absorbent fabric or layer made of a superabsorbent particle or fiber The web can comprise a That form can be used in a flow by treatment unit or used in a flow through filtration unit having adsorptive absorptive or reactive properties In a flow by or

The cassette of wafers is on a support with no side panels, facilitating the replacement of a cassette of processed wafers with a cassette of unprocessed wafers by an automated device The cassette may Wafer cassette may then be removed and a new wafer cassette placed upon support structure Support structure

Jul , The new precipitated silica shows superior efficiency at thickening and creating thixotropy compared to existing grades of precipitated silica the reference numerals are as follows jet mill (), cylindrical housing (), grinding chamber (), feed of material to be grinded (milled) (), grinding jet inlet (),

In another embodiment (not shown), the hardcoat layer described herein (i.e comprising at least one fluorocarbon and urethane (meth)acryl containing additive If the mole fraction of isocyanate groups is arbitrarily given a value of , then the total mole fraction of m and n units used in making materials of Formula () is

Dec , The thermoelectric refrigerator of claim further comprising the heat exchanger formed in part from material selected from the group consisting of chloride, methyl chloride, sulphur dioxide, water, alcohol, fluorocarbons, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) compounds.

The present invention is related to a chemical vapor deposition method of depositing layers of materials to provide super hydrophilic surface properties, or super hydrophobic surface Generally hydrophobic surfaces have been created in recent years by deposition of common fluorocarbon coatings over a surface.

For example, the commercial system would also have a frame and housing, and a control panel It should have means to shield the operator from excess UV and visible light, and it may also have means to allow viewing of the object while it is being formed Commer cial units will provide safety means for controlling

D , etched channels are preferably coated with a dielectric material, such as epoxy, silicon oxide, solder mask, or any other suitable dielectric material, such as silicon nitride, oxynitride, polyimide, BCB , parylene, polynaphthalenes, fluorocarbons and acrylates The resulting insulation layer is preferably formed by

Aug , The articles of claims or wherein the nanostructured surface comprises a material comprising submicrometer particles dispersed in a polymeric in the orientation of the displacement and dividing that length by the number of array positions in the unit cell that is associated with that basis vector.

The electromechanical surgical device may include, for example, a remote power console , which includes a housing having a front panel , the surgical stapler attachment and the flexible shaft may include memory units , , respectively, electrically and logically connected via data cables within

Mar , The marine laminate material can be shaped and sized into a marine structure such as described above, and exhibits desirable marine properties A housing structure for use with a drive shaft, a strut, a coupling secured to said shaft for rotation therewith, a first elongated oval shaped housing, said oval

Materials prepared using polyhedral polysiloxane compounds are disclosed as mentioned above, but there is no disclosure of liquid compounds having properties of siloxane compositions, and also having excellent handleability and moldability It has been desired to develop a new material Patent Document Japanese

Fifth, prior art fluid circulating thermal therapy systems did not provide a means for de energizing both the pump and the heater when the unit was tilted beyond a safe angle Finally, prior The latter two methods are facilitated by impregnating the foam with a bonding agent compatible with the panel material When wetted

However, to be commercially practical, it would have to be able to melt and transport substantial amounts of explosive per unit of time Valve comprises a cylindrical housing containing a tightly fitting, movable, piston like steel plug having a transverse bore of the same size as conduit which may have a

Feb , The invention relates to an ion source for an ion implanter in which source material for providing desired ions is provided in the form of a plate or liner of forming a nitride spacer over an underlying oxide layer and etching the nitride layer using an atmosphere of ionized fluorocarbon followed by a further

The supercritical liquid extraction system A is controlled from a panel on the front of the cabinet and the drive section operates the extraction to the sample reel assembly for rotation out of the upper injector housing as a new cartridge is moved into position for injecting into the pressure vessel A.

Jun , The nozzle according to claim , wherein the liquid tip comprises a material that is not readily flammable The prior art (Law) device forms the basis for air assisted electrostatic spraying systems that have been developed and successfully commercialized as a hand held unit for applying a wide range of

Jul , The present invention relates to a method for hydrophobization of a fabric surface comprising providing a stream of a substantially anhydrous gas, passing said gas Constant development of new sailcloths, weaves, yarns, laminates, foils and reinforcement fibres is extremely important for regatta yachting.

As used herein, the term colorant is meant to include, without limitation, any material which, in the presence of an ultraviolet radiation transorber, is adapted in an electrophotographic process which reuses the electrophotographic copy by first rendering the colored composition colorless and then placing a new image

Sep , The system may include a plate providing an array of emulsion production units each configured to produce a separate emulsion and each including a set of wells interconnected The system of claim , wherein each of the upper and lower members is formed by a respective, continuous piece of material.

The chamber may be constructed of a conducting material that does not permit microwave energy to enter from the outside of the chamber to the inside of the chamber Microwave entry [] FIG B is a schematic diagram of a chamber housing a load in relation to various aspects of the present invention [] FIG.