transition from patio to above ground

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Dec , have access to the slate paved patio alongside the stonewalled, landscaped backyard image The whole package, along with a , listing price which is almost unheard for a two bedroom home in DC, drew a lot of attention The home was shown times, received offers ( which were above list

But also it ll have stairs on the other side that ll provide a nice transition down to the original concrete slab, or patio as the homeowners were using it deck, and another aspect of deck building that can be some of the most intimidating work for many homeowners is to build a set of stairs from this level down to the ground.

Jun , Elijah transferred the prophetic mantel to Elisha just before Elijah ascended to heaven And as it had done in the shift from Moses to Joshua, the Jordan River parted for Elijah and Elisha, who crossed on dry ground ( Kings ) Here s some video I shot flying over the Jordan River in a helicopter.

days ago From a vintage Danish lamp paired with a palm printed sofa in the library to Mathieu Mategot inspired patio furniture on the terrace by the rooftop pool and the tiled, swimming hall style fitness center, the hotel brims over with nostalgic touches To cap things off, all rooms are finished with reclaimed

Nov , The kitchen has a petite breakfast bar and wine fridge, and the fenced in backyard hosts a small brick paved patio While the three bedrooms are upstairs, the large finished basement could also serve as a bedroom and has a full bath Full Listing Acker Place and th Street NE (map) Rent , month

Sep , At over square feet, the listing not only provides ample storage courtesy of a walk in closet and hallway linen closet, but also has plenty of nooks and A large bay window and exposed brick walls add to the listing s character, as do the outdoor spaces provided by a rear patio on the main level and a

Jul , Some hilly or steep properties ask for several flat levels, with a transition moment, or steps, that remake and divide a steep slope into several flat That angle at which the soil, and the landscape is stable The deck is supported by wood posts that are sunk into the ground, and back filled with concrete.

Jun , Tierney said that if the homeowner didn t want all the work of an in ground pool they can also opt for a hot tub as a center piece of the outdoor living room Depending on where you It s also nice to have a transition space between indoors and outdoors, such as a pergola, she added Tierney said that a

days ago The lower level also walks out onto a more secluded area of the backyard, with an elevated pergola and a small separate patio surrounded by shrubs and Located about a mile north of the option above, this house is the largest of the three homes featured but also the least private, lacking any additional

Nov , Later, in the attic, they check for any signs of water, double checking all of the trouble spots noted in their ground inspection If you ve noticed some water damage on your ceiling, don t assume it s coming from a hole in the roof directly above Thanks to gravity and liquid adhesion (yes, there s a name for it),

Sep , Two storeys above ground contain the main living areas, with sections of the rear facade on the upper floor protruding outwards to frame the best views The rear facade opens onto a large patio, with sliding glass doors enabling a seamless transition between this outdoor space and the adjacent kitchen,

Oct , Start with a cold hardy cultivar if you plant to try to overwinter rosemary in the ground in other than a truly frost free hardiness zone she says they don t mulch around the trunk and root zone, but do make generous use of garden blankets, throwing one or two layers over plants we re worried about..

May , The bathrooms also got a makeover The large upper level landing, which likely served as a hay loft above horse stalls in the building s former life, now houses a custom walk in closet and laundry area image Seating area The open main floor of the home with cathedral ceilings and the adjoining outdoor

Jun , One question I get over and over again about painted concrete is how to clean it Surprisingly the best method that I have come up with (after trying lots and lots) is dish soap and a washcloth Yep, regular old dish soap How To Paint and Clean Concrete Floors Full Tutorial @ Vintage Revivals .

Jun , large shrubs, young patio trees shift from skinny to broad, newly planted trees rise to the rooftops and beyond This is a direct consequence of our love of plants and is all good Or as horticulturist Jenny Rose Carey puts it I love planting little trees and watching them grow. She has done this over the past

Apr , However, there are numerous ways pots can be incorporated into the landscape beyond the front door and the back patio A pot also elevates a plant above the level it would be planted at in the ground, giving it more prominence Use pots to delineate a transition from one garden space to another.

Aug , Completed in in Mexico City, Mexico Images by The Black Rabbit Site The Project is located in Avenida Paseo de las Palmas, on the west side of Mexico City, in a sqm land plot The site has an east west

May , La Jolla, California to have its ground floor living room completely open up to become an outdoor room that looks as if it s floating above the water Photo by Katherine Lu The semi detached D House, by Marston Architects, has massive pivoting doors that swing open to create a seamless transition to the

Mar , Once the deck was removed (and some conflict had been ironed out over the shape), the patio and steps were framed and leveled ready for the concrete to be poured This meant that several cycles of dumping, raking and compacting soil were used to create a nice, sturdy transition from patio to lawn.

As shown in FIGURE , casing has its lower end b supported in concrete base within the ground Cap has a square cover a from which depend four flanges b which tit over the upper end C of casing Flanges b are fastened to end e by screws e Upper edge e of upper front plate is

Nov , Step Apply Mortar Before starting, I sprinkled some water over the concrete to wet the surface Using my drywall knife I applied mortar to the crack and skim coated the rest of the face of the concrete Much like painting, it s easier to spot a partially repainted wall so I used the corners as transitions Save