wall cladding granite

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Feb , A Pavers Plus promotional video showcasing the newest Natural Stone products including Bluestone, Sandstone, Granite, Travertine and Limestone paving, Natural Stone Pavers Tiles We stock Granite Pavers, Bluestone Pavers, Sandstone Pavers, Travertine Pavers, Limestone Pavers, Wall Cladding,

Dec , A first look at the house reveals the monolithic character resulting from the solid granite surfaces, which form predominantly closed facaded punctuated only by openings incorporating slatted timber screens B.E Architecture designed the three storey Armadale Residence The cladding is formed from

May , The boundary walls although being in good structural order were not very appealing and the design addressed this aspect with some appealing solutions (shiplap timber wall cladding and synthetic boxwood screening) Material finishes were of a very high standard silver granite being used extensively for

Feb , They presented him with four concepts, the first being a metre long polygonal wall made of wood veneer panels that became the focal point of the final design Moscow Apartment by M The wall s faceted appearance is intended to depict rough stone mountains It runs along the entire length of the

Sep , Angular walls clad with white granite and a glazed courtyard surrounded by Islamic motifs feature at Fumihiko Maki s Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

Nov , Stone walled volumes of varying sizes attach to the rammed earth structures, making up the rest of the house Copious glazing slots into the stone walls to open up views to the surrounding farmland, as well as the distant hills along the San Andreas tectonic fault which runs down the America s Pacific