wall board composite panel wood composite material

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Feb , A wood panel is provided comprising a composite wood component having upper and lower surface layers and a core layer and a veneer Non limiting examples of wood composite materials include oriented strand board ( OSB ), structural composite lumber ( SCL ), waferboard, particle board,

May , A frame according to claim wherein said wood composite construction further comprises oriented strand board material A frame for supporting wall, floor or ceiling panels in a building construction, said frame including a plurality of C channel construction members of wood composite construction, each

Jul , Gypsum board made according to the invention is lighter in weight, yet has a comparable nail pull value to conventional wallboard allowing the calcined gypsum to hydrate and harden (i.e chemically convert or set to form gypsum), and subsequently heating the composite board to drive excess water

Jun , An attachment stud for securing a layer of insulation material to an organic matrix composite substrate is provided which includes a mechanical Embedded systems would have to be installed during lay up of the composite material panels and, thus, would require that the panels be made with prior

May , A new type of wood concrete composite is proposed for mass timber buildings using floor ceiling panels of cross laminated timber (CLT) CLT panels be protected by fire rated gypsum drywall board and that these structures be completely protected by National Fire Protection Association , Standard for