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Oct , The plastic formwork kits can each be reused to cast fifty homes, after which the plastic is recycled into household consumer products such as toilet seats The Plastic Formwork System has been used in housing projects throughout South Africa, and the company has established branches in thirteen

Sep , The value of the materials in the vast majority of old electronics is worth less than it costs to actually recycle them Plastic (PET) is very easily recycled into numerous products They want to make it illegal that your dead laptop s LCD panel ends up in some African kid s laptop Share.

Jun , A crisis that saw mountains of garbage fill the streets of Lebanon led to heightened interest in recycled materials, say designers and architects tiles, plastic was recycled into an immersive installation, and used coffee grounds turned up in home accessories during Beirut Design Week, as designers spoke

Jun , Crystal has been D printed into vases, upcycled into terrazzo and channelled into solar panels by the Swarovski Designers of the Future Lai, founder of the LA based studio Bureau Spectacular, recycled rejected second quality crystal to create his project, Terrazzo Palazzo This crystal contains minor

Apr , Sogokagu furniture showroom by Kengo Kuma features wavy translucent walls Kuma s firm used the same technique to create a polycarbonate clad house, which is insulated against the cold weather with recycled plastic bottles Sogokagu by Kengo Kuma The company is strong in the moulding of

Apr , Sustainable design has taken longer to get off the ground in South Africa largely due to expensive construction methods They cut costs by using upcycled shipping containers and other repurposed materials to build Cliff House, a lifted flying container house with an economical, energy efficient design.

Aug , Cloud Seeding Pavilion by MODU features canopy made of , plastic balls the form than how you engage the public Cloud Seeding Pavilion by MODU The , balls are made of recycled PET plastic and are suspended between architectural fabric mesh panels that allow air to flow through.

Feb , Located on the top floor of the Konstakademien also known as The Royal Academy of Fine Arts the show combined a display of products with a written Form Us With Love s other company Baux, which manufactures sound absorbing panels made from wood wool, was represented on a screen.

May , A robot was programmed to drop clusters of the recycled plastic pieces in specific areas, creating vertical structures that gripped one another when stacked with RhinoVAULT a plug in for D modelling programme Rhino to develop an efficient wooden structure made up of unique wooden panels,

Jun , This student designed house in Ghana combines rammed earth walls with translucent screens made from used water sachets Nkabom House is a prototypical Ghanaian home made from mud and waste plastic One condition was that it had to use mud as one of the main construction materials.

Do you want to turn waste to wealth (paper, plastic, oil, scrap, tire) If YES, here are most profitable recycling business ideas opportunities for that you can start with low investment As the green awareness trend and eco consciousness increases, the demand for recycled products or items will also increase.

Sep , Among the company s technologies are Reusable plastic trays that capture dew from the air, reducing the water needed by crops by percent specifically designed for open desert conditions, in areas with harsh weather conditions such as Africa and South America, where there is a shortage of storage

Aug , The design intention was to expose those materials that are usually hidden, and therefore the designers created these surfaces that show the recycled woods At the end of its life cycle, the benches can be easily disassembled and the materials, recycled Gruba is based in Buenos Aires However, apart

Mar , Shower room in earthship uses recycled glass bottles Recycled glass bottles in shower room wall The workshop will cover a wide range of topics including Building with Natural and Recycled Materials Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling Solar and Wind Electricity Water Harvesting Contained Sewage

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