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Mar , that proto talk is HERE, as you can see, a very very rough draft of what would become the polished TED talk pretty much all the info is there so thanks trust taken after the kickstarter backer art gallery performance and party at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in berlin, germany on june , (photo by LUIS

Jan , It s time of the granddaddy of them all, our sort of annual first paragraph challenge! Will your paragraph wow the masses Do you have the first paragraph to end all first paragraphs We shall soon find out Let s get to the good stuff THE PRIZES! The ULTIMATE GRAND PRIZE WINNER of the SUFPC will

Aug , I don t have a landscape plan yet for that area but it will involve removing the deciduous shrubs in front of the magnolia and planting back a variety of evergreen Would love to create a brick or paved patio here under the porch and decks That said don t trust me, I love everything blueany shade.

Dec , If you re building a fireplace from scratch and don t have the restrictions of an existing chimney, then why be traditional The owners of this Forget that chilly dash from your bath to your towel a grand bathroom fireplace like this one will keep your temperature comfortable throughout your ablutions.

Dec , Chickens love to scratch in the dirt They love to With a new flock, do not free range until they have become acclimated to their coop and surroundings Your job is to continually survey the skies and land for any potential danger Leaving your flock even for a few minutes can make them vulnerable .

Jun , We can t afford to keep all our eggs in one basket isn t so much a justification as an appeal to sentimentality, for in the hypothetical case of a planet trashing catastrophe, we (who currently inhabit the surface of the Earth) are dead anyway The future extinction of the human species cannot affect you if you

Aug , I m so glad now I went ahead and did both at the same time When you walk down the driveway and enter the gate into the backyard, this is the view across the yard One day I ll do something with that area under the deck I would love to add brick pavers or something under there That s another job for

May , Keep squirrels out of your flower pots with this easy trick Can t wait to get that done so I can stain the deck floors againtime to freshen those up, too I have heard something scratching around the chimney and went outside and saw a squirrel running away, I guess they re wanting to visit us too.

Jan , Others simply leave their old decks behind after collecting their new wood at skate stores In the end, they all end up in a dark corner of a basement, attic or warehouse No matter how old a skateboard is, the colors of those old seven plies are still full of life Our designs using recycled, defective and worn

Sep , I m not sure yet exactly what the nights are going to consist of but I know there will be piano, ukulele, book reading, awesome guests and.probably other weird shit I have a few songs related to the book I know I want to playand maybe I ll do a new eighties cover every night or crowdsource some

Jun , The holly bush that became a tree, on the right side of the house, is an original planting, meaning it s about years old March , at pm Also, when the acorns fell, we could not sit on our deck for fear of getting beaned on the head by acorns, trust me, when they fall from that height,

Oh HEY guys! For those of you that follow us on Instagram, you have seen the progress of this baby I am sharing today I am in LOVE With a table Not ashamed I loved my old dining set, but have always wanted to build one myself for my fam With kiddos under the age of , we live a casual lifestyle, and I avoid

Nov , You ve got a card deck now, and it s even standard legal! So you go to your first FNM You get thrashed, but have a good time You learn quickly how to make a better deck, fill out your sets of , always cut dish to cards, the ideas of value Slowly but surely, you build a decent standard deck, and have

May , I spent part of mine working in the yard and I still have so much more to do out there For the last couple of years I ve known that I should trim reshape the Green Mountain Boxwoods I placed in planters on either side of the front porch a few years back, but I ve been worried I would totally mess them up.

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