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Jul , The present invention is a step assembly for insertion into swimming pools A frame having a plurality of steps connected in an end to end fashion rests on the bottom of the pool and adjacent to a pool sidewall An adjustable adapter step is connected near the top of the frame and overlaps a top rail of the

Mar , A swimming pool touch pad seats on a swimming pool wall and is adapted to close an external electric circuit when contacted by a swimmer transmitting the swimmer s externally applied pressure to the elastomeric pad for rendering it conductive and closing the external electrical circuit Images().

Jul , Filmed aboard a Princess cruise ship, the clips show a teen climbing over a railing and jumping approximately feet into the pool below the rules a point they drive home in a mocking fashion by making sure to capture on video a sign very clearly indicating the dangers of jumping into the pool below.

Jan , An apparatus is provided for constructing edging around the perimeter of a swimming pool having a decking and a retractable pool cover, wherein an Images Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims What is claimed is An apparatus for constructing edging of a swimming pool,

Feb , Codes or regulations in many communities require that all metallic structural parts and fittings of a swimming pool such as metallic parts of the pool structure (including re enforcing metal of the pool shell and deck), underwater lighting, metal fittings, electrical equipment, etc be bonded or electrically

Apr , An in ground swimming pool which utilizes a relatively flexible, continuous sheet like wall member in combination with a bottom construction which is By following the procedures disclosed, the foam surface can be controlled to obtain the desired pool bottom smoothness Images() Patent D ing.

Jun , A protective inflatable edge guard which is provided to extend around the deck of a swimming pool adjacent the edge of the deck at the swimming pool with the swimming pool, as aforesaid, such as for example, a driving board, a ladder, a slide, steps of the pool and the like Images() Patent D ing.

The adaptor allows water to pass thru the trim ring, thru the mounting ring, and continue thru the main drain, as with the normal functioning of pool water flow is an elevation view of the profile of the universal swimming pool main drain adaptor showing the edge view of the trim ring, the side view of the mounting ring, and

(Cl ) This invention relates to a novel and useful type of swimming pool accessory, and more particularly to a false bottom assembly for a swimming pool having at least one pair of FIGURE is a longitudinal vertical sectional view taken substantially upon the plane indicated by the section line of FIGURE .

Nov , A vertically moveable swimming pool floor apparatus includes a rigid planar platform configured to fit the planform area of a swimming pool, and a plurality of The platform is equipped with depth indicators to allow users to observe the effective depth of the pool Images() Patent D ing Previous page.

Nov , The unit cannot accommodate a significant pool deck overhang and the display above the water surface is inconvenient for the swimmer [] U.S Pat No ,,, issued Mar , to Beierwaltes, discloses a pressure sensitive pad for connection to a timing and indicating device for counting and

Jan , The invention relates to improvements to swimming pools, in particular to providing extra facilities to a deck box, such as those commonly used to Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims A deck box for a swimming pool, the deck box comprising an electrical junction box for

Sep , A swimming pool circulation and cleaning system includes a first zone with a plurality of stationary wall inlet nozzles and a second zone with a plurality of and deliver the swimming pool water either sequentially or simultaneously to the stationary wall inlet nozzles and the floor pop up nozzles Images().

Oct , A system for monitoring a swimming pool to prevent drowning accidents includes sensing devices (D, D, D) for providing electrical signals forming images of ) of this microcomputer, in which suitable software has been loaded in order to allow it to perform the operations which have been indicated.

Apr , A sealed two plate swimming pool touchpad construction that is unaffected by pressure, in which a resilient, compressible, non conductive spacer material with the front plate Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims A sealed swimming pool touchpad construction comprising .

Jul , A gutter system for a swimming pool of the type having side walls and a gutter extending along the top of the side walls around the periphery of the swimming preferably has a vertical extension thereon rising above the gutter and forming a break water between the gutter and an elevated concrete deck.

Feb , A swimming pool cleaning system includes a pump, a first tube coupling a suction port of the pump in fluid communication with a main drain or mobile Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims What is claimed is A pool cleaning system for a swimming pool, comprising in

A control tank is connected directly to the interior of the pool by an equalizer tube to keep the water level in the two the same The level is a schematic view of the level control system for the pool FIG Near one corner of the pool, the gutters are connected to a collector manifold, generally indicated by the numeral .

Jun , Built by Ronald Lu Partners in , Hong Kong The project, which occupies an area of square metres, will be delivered in two stages The first stage primari

Oct , Methods and apparatus are disclosed for underwater swimming pool video monitoring and other data gathering and transmission, and related controls Embodiments include one or more cameras and or other sensors and or controls operatively mounted and or used with an underwater pool light feature.

Jul , Completed in in Moscow, RussiaWe had a task to design a complex of locker buildings which would be in harmony with the natural environment on the territory of the Luzhniki

May , A safety system for an automatic swimming pool cover having a cover and a cover drive for extending and retracting the cover, the safety system having at Images() Patent D ing Previous page Next page Claims What is claimed is A swimming pool, comprising a wall defining an enclosed

is a view similar to FIG , showing the cover in the inverted positon, with its absorptive surface exposed to solar energy Referring to the d ings, and more particularly to FIG , there is shown an oval shaped pool, surrounded by a conventional concrete deck , including an apron or extension, designed to

Nidec Motor Corp of St Louis, Mo is recalling about , swimming pool motors sold in the U.S and Canada The pump The recalled magnetic gate latches are or models in black or white, and are marked with the Trident name and image on the face of the latch body below the key hole The latch body, wh.