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Apr , This strong focus on bamboo at San Diego Botanic Garden (known as Quail Botanical Gardens prior to ) is no coincidence In Guadua angustifolia growing on the sunny edge of the Tropical Rain Forest Garden While the I wonder if the cut sections will be used as edging fence Seeing

Aug , Get the dirt on classic and new options for raised vegetable and plant beds, to get the most from your year round garden beds can be straight or curved, like the ones shown here, and larger rocks can simply be pushed up against one another, while smaller ones can nestle together to create a border.

Feb , You can use cedar fence pickets for less, but the thinner wood won t last as long Prices are local to north TX Miriam says February , at am I have cinder block garden beds that are approximately x Each one uses cinder blocks and the total cost comes to about with tax I really

Oct , faeed_dbdffbbce mv I LL BUY A COPY of Joseph Tychonievich s new book, Rock Gardening Reimagining a Classic Style, for one lucky reader All you have to do is answer this question in the comments box at the very bottom of the page, after the last reader comment .

Aug , So before you buy plants and seeds, decide on a color scheme A good rule of thumb is to stick to no more than three main colors and add variety by varying the shades within each color Not only will your flower bed look more cohesive, but you ll also be able to narrow down good choices at the garden

Dec , Empty vessel The simple, graceful form of an empty urn with an earth toned glaze complements nearly any garden setting Place the vessel in a garden border to anchor perennial plants and add interest to the bed once flowers fade Or site a container at the end of a garden pathway for a simple focal point.

Jul , The twine you previously laid down for your garden borders should make it easy to see where the corners are You can usually pick up a used one for or less at a good flea market or garage sale You can buy quick setting fence post concrete for a few dollars a sack at your local hardware store.

Oct , The gate at the end of the garden matches the wood side fence and adjacent brick wall, giving the design cohesion Here beautifully detailed blocks of herringbone patterned blue bricks, held within a stretcher border of bricks, cross a gravel pathway interspersed with plantings of low growing flowering

Aug , This red, white and blue vignette started out with a red garage sale stool and an Old Sign Stencils Buffalo Check stenciled oil can See the details for this My signature junk garden border piece, the stepladder Organized Clutter s This area has old tiller planters and the junk gallery fence Organized

Carved out of an apple orchard, these colorful garden rooms show how fall blooming perennials, long flowering annuals, and a fruitful harvest can really shine in Shown Robin Coleburn, shown on the circular patio behind the house, used the arms of espaliered pear and apple trees to form a fence that provides a sense

Aug , A staple of English Arts Crafts gardens, edging has practical as well as historical appeal From buried barriers to iron and stone, edging remains a practical and often ornamental staple in the garden Edging prevents soil and mulch from overflowing flower beds, and helps keep loose gravel or mulch