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, When I become enamored of something, I tend to get very one track minded, sometimes, without even realizing This is one of those This kitchen from The Style Files inspires me to rip off most of my cabinet doors and just paint the cabinet trim and interior a jaw dropping shade of deep teal (Image credit

, Before I hop into chatting about our choice to use some glass front cabinet doors, I want to chat about our countertops I think countertops are key If you are struggling to get things clutter free in your kitchen, clear absolutely everything off and only bring back in what you truly use and need Cutting boards

, I later ripped out the cabinets from both bathrooms, yet somehow managed to hang on to one of the doors I now use it as a laptop rest on my legs when I write at night while watching TV But after all of its use, the door still doesn t have a scratch on it So I m thinking with the right combination, I can get away

, Make sure the face frames are made with a hardwood like poplar especially if you want cabinet doors I supposed pine face frames would be fine for display shelves that wouldn t get much use all the time These are only some of the types of wood We didn t even get into x material or detailed trim and I

, The only reason I repainted the cabinets was because I wanted pure white to brighten up the room You don t have to sand to the bare wood, only rough up the surface slightly This will help with I set up two saw horses and placed two long boards between them to lay a few cabinet doors on to paint.

, This was starting to get expensive It s a very smooth finish as well I will keep you updated on how this paint wears on my cabinets Only time will tell But I was told that this paint is very durable and will not come off unless I strip it off, I will be painting a few of my cabinet doors that I haven t yet painted.

To get started you will first need to remove all the doors and hardware from your cabinet bases, clean them with a pretty strong cleaner, and sand them down Sometimes a blogger s life isn t all it s cracked up to be ) I also had a walking year old so I couldn t just leave my bottom doors off while I finished up all the top

Okay, before I get into all the how to stuff, let me take a moment to talk about oak cabinets and the wood grain debate Oak cabinets have the special I was able to reattach my cabinet doors the same day I finished painting them, though I did try to be extra gentle with them for a few weeks just in case painted oak cabinets

There is only one way to get a professional looking finish when painting your kitchen cabinets do it the way the professionals do! Anyone who tells you there is a hack, trick, Any colder than that and you ll be inside painting cabinet doors on every horizontal surface in your house! Collect your supplies It s inevitable, but

Mar , Follow this tutorial and tips to paint your cabinet doors properly the first time, so the paint job will endure and you ll only have to paint once! expensive but actually was about the same price as a foam roller) for the flat surfaces of the doors, and a foam craft brush to get into the crevices and molding I set up

, I ll share later why I should have done this ripped cabinet door edge You can see I removed only a small portion of the edge this post contains affiliate links that help support this site, read more here tools for a cabinet door bench To make the left and right side of bench base I needed two cabinet doors,

, Adding glass to just one set of cabinets had the biggest impact in my kitchen This project The paint alone did wonders for my dark kitchen, but adding the glass to one set of doors made a huge impact The first thing I had to get the nerve up to do was cut out the center raised panel of my cabinet doors.

, My husband and I just purchased our first home, and it s a bit of a fixer upper If your cabinets are in decent shape but need a quick and easy update, try out some new handles on the doors and d ers Go with Just be sure you get something that has a counter height top that you can use for prep work.

, Noticed one or two Shaker cabinets on Apartment Therapy or Pinterest lately You are not the only one The traditional style adds clean architectural interest while still blending in nicely with whatever else is going on And it s absolutely everywhere right now But is it the only option if you want something

, If you re considering a kitchen remodel, I m here to convince you that every kitchen should have d ers, and not doors, for the lower cabinets If you ve Instead of having to get down and dig through the back of a cabinet, you just open it up and gently choose from an organized array D ers make you

, Take a video tour behind the doors d er of our new kitchen to see what went where for maximum function As Sherry explained in the video, we just bought some spring loaded, wood toned dividers to separate the big d ers into sections (plus an expandable silverware organizer for our flatware).

, The first challenge was removing the recessed panels of the doors This was one of many times that I wished we lived closer to our families I would have just run over to my parents house and had my dad router them out {Rout them out Use his router to remove them That s what I mean.} But Houston is a

, Here at Infarrantly Creative, I ve been busy showing you how I utilized the space on the inside of cabinet doors to better organize my own kitchen As it turns out, that empty space on the Kitchen aren t the only rooms with additional storage options behind their doors Bathrooms are always in need of a

, I recruited woodworker Aaron Black to cut the medium density fiberboard I was using and drill hinge cups according to the specs of my old doors To limit costs, I replaced only the upper cabinet doors, and drilled inch finger holes into them instead of purchasing new hardware To visually streamline the

, My husband filled it the gaps with more MDF and traced the template that came with our sink to get the sides just right The MDF was also added to the sides and along the bottom of the cabinet IMG () Now it was time for the doors Ours had to be wide by tall, so that is how we asked the