waterproof light weight high strength sandwich panel

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A trench box panel with an especially lightweight foamed filler located between the inner and outer panel surfaces in a trench box panel and between structural, Some panels are made from high strength aluminum and these are prepared in substantially the same way with ultimate dimensions and weld intervals

Nov , The composite skateboard deck of the preferred embodiment is comprised of two structural layers bonded to and on either side of a light, flexible core and D latiflorus are particularly well suited for board construction because of their strength to weight ratio and resilience under abusive riding conditions.

Feb , The fluid conducting medium is not to be water absorbent and must have sufficient rigidity and strength to hold mortar which comes into contact with it until US , Jun , , Sep , , Hans Schworer Kg, Large area wall element of lightweight sandwich design for prefabricated buildings.

Nov , The present invention generally comprises a kayak construction designed to create a lightweight, portable, foldable watercraft A key feature of the invention is that the kayak is formed of a single panel of high strength, bendable, foldable plastic material The panel is shaped and creased so that it may be

(Cl ) This invention relates to a sandwich type panel construction used extensively for equipment enclosures and wall sections, particularly central station air handling units including fanhouse wall sections and enclosures These panels are rigid, although light in weight, and may be made waterproof and air tight.

Dec , A soft suicide prevention door according to claim , wherein the fabric material is selected from the group comprising lightweight vinyl and vinyl laminated polyester In an embodiment, the rigid insulation foam core component may be waterproof, infection control safe, sufficiently firm, and flame resistant.

Incorporation of a light shielding substance into the laminated sheet makes it suitable for use as a wrapping material for light sensitive materials foregoing physical strength, at least, compared with the conventional composite laminated sheets, for example, they are stronger than those sheets composed of a low density

Jun , A self supporting umbrella canopy has a high strength to weight ratio and the ability to compactly fold flat The umbrella processes Due to the self supporting nature of the collapsible, closed cross section cells, lightweight and inexpensive waterproof materials may be used to construct the umbrella canopy.

May , A tough, high strength geomembrane made from a custom blend of polyethylene copolymers, for protecting waterproofing courses from impact and pressure damage of debris resting against the waterproof The geomembrane is available as lightweight rolls which can be easily be handled by one man.

A moist, spongy fibrous web is placed between the surface of the plywood panel and the surface of the caul plate, with an adhesive coating on either the panel or on method for making a fiber clad, grooved, plywood panel wherein the grooves are deeply embossed, and wherein the panel retains the strength of plywood.

Dic The invention relates to a bullet proof armoured panel which is made from a geotextile fabric that has been structurally altered in order to form a lightweight, economical ballistic fabric that is effective against small arms, projectiles from short weapons, ranging from pistols and revolvers to sub machine guns,

Sandwich type panels having cellular cores have very important characteristics because of their light weight and high strength Conventionally, such panels are constructed by sandwiching a cellular core having low strength characteristics between two skins, each of which is much thinner than the cellular core but has

Other objects of the invention are to provide an anchor device of the character described which is comprised of a relatively wide strip of waterproof, flexible sheet said free end portions each having a pressure sensitive adhesive surface of high adhesive strength for attaching the anchor device to the sheet cover and said

Jan , Further the material s high density also allows for a reduction in the thickness of the concrete required for the protection of steel rods of the primary structural components cast on site The relative thinness of the GRC coupled with its strength allows for the formation of very strong and lightweight precast

Sep , Kyocera s Hydro by Boost Mobile offers a waterproof design and affordable monthly plans, but will the lack of G be a deal breaker Above the Hydro s inch touch screen is a silver Kyocera logo as well as the device s earpiece and an LED indicator light Below its display are capacitive Android

Sept Independent claims are included for the following () a device for connecting a reinforcement with a ultra high strength concrete and () a sandwich use of ultra high strength concrete in connection with vacuum honeycombs is the fact that extreme compressive strength, combined with light weight and

Sep , Then, when disassembled provides a compact lightweight package suitable for long range or rough terrain portage or back packing A plastic coated nylon waterproof cover or like skin can be conveniently slid onto, and off of the assembled hull and quickly fastened in place to provide waterproofness for the

Jun , For high quality welding work, welding electrodes are composed generally of a high tensile strength steel core and an outer coating of low hydrogen material, Stainless steel was chosen for the preferred embodiment because it is light weight but strong enough to support the maximum weight capacity of

The facing is preferably a high tenacity nylon d fabric which has high strength and durability and light weight The fire resistant nylon may be a nylon coated with Alexium brand compound available from Alexium Inc (or equivalent such as from Pi Inc.) This is a highly air permeable treatment that is gas plasma