wood plastic composite coupling agent compatible with zn stearate

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Jun , , , entitled Wood Plastic Composites Using Recycled Carpet Waste and Systems and Methods of Manufacturing and U.S Provisional Patent from the group consisting of a colorant, a lubricant, a flame retardant, a compatiblizer, a coupling agent, a mold inhibitor, and combinations thereof .

May , An agent such as a blowing agent comprised of a chemical blowing agent or a physical blowing agent, for example a gas, is added to wood, plastic material The process in claim wherein the lubricant is selected from at least one of the following calcium stearate, zinc stearate, paraffin type wax, and

Nov , The epoxy hardener or curing agent composition of claim , wherein said anhydrides are selected from the group consisting of phthalic anhydride, A three dimensional, crosslinked, hard, non melting resin, the thermosetting plastic, is obtained by the polyreaction, and the thermosetting plastic thus

Jun , In some implementations, the composition includes an additive selected from the group consisting of an organometallic compound, a wetting agent, an organic The coatings can include nanofilms and composite films formed from vehicle systems having nanohybrid crystals that can also be used as an

Oct , Hard, abrasion resistant coatings are used over a variety of substrates, including cement, wood, and porous substrates Particularly demanding substrates , describes coating compositions including water, a multistage latex polymer and a silane coupling agent Silane functionality may be

Mai The invention relates to a composite layer plate or film consisting of deep d able thermoplastic materials or mixtures thereof, containing at least one Preferred polymer structures are SB SS, X [ B SS], and Y [ B SS], wherein X is the radical of a bifunctional coupling agent and Y is the radical of a

Jun , The market for the wood plastic composite has grown and WPCs now are used in automotive applications, as well as in the building products sector of the Additionally, the core may include additives such as colorants, lubricants, flame retardants, mold inhibitors, compatiblizers, coupling agents,

Jun , A masterbatch, ink, coating, plastic material, toner or colour filter containing a composition according to claim A process for making a pigment composition ,, discloses the use of C C alcohols as an after treatment agent for phthalocyanine pigments The crude pigment is acid pasted to a

Mar , () zinc stearate, waxes, fatty acid esters (they also act as lubricants and or dispersing agents) Maleated polyolefins (PE or PP with maleic anhydride functional groups grafted onto the polymer backbone) are the most widely used coupling agents in WPCs Currently, wood plastic composites are

Feb , Composite according to one or more of claims to , characterised in that the composite contains to wt. of high performance plastic, to wt. of barium sulfate, to wt. of mineral filler and or glass fibre, to wt. of process additives (inter alia dispersing aids, coupling agents), to

Nov , W Sigworth, Additives for Wood Fiber Polyolefins Coupling Agents, PROGRESS IN WOODFIBRE PLASTIC COMPOSITES CONFERENCE , May , , Toronto, Canada Additionally, Kokta, B.V et al () POLYM PLAST TECHNOL ENG studied the mechanical properties

Dec , There are various uses for silver sulfate, including as a synthetic reagent a source of silver in the preparation of catalysts, plastic composite materials and coupling agents, impact modifiers, chain extenders, colorants, lubricants, antistatic agents, pigments such as titanium oxide, zinc oxide, talc, calcium

Sep , In one embodiment, one or more silane coupling agents are used in the elastomeric compositions Coupling agents are particularly The metal oxide can be used alone or in conjunction with its corresponding metal fatty acid complex (e.g zinc stearate, calcium stearate, etc.), or with the organic and

Jul , The coating composition according to claim , wherein said composition comprises at least one corrosion agent The coatings may be obtained by applying the coating compositions to suitable substrates, such as wood, concrete, metal, glass, plastic, ceramics, plasters, stone, asphalt, textiles, or coated,

It is understood that the coupling agent is ignored for sake of simplicity in the description of the (A Z)n block copolymers The materials are selected from the group consisting of paper, foam, plastic, fabric, metal, metal foil, concrete, wood, glass, various natural and synthetic fibers, including glass fibers, ceramics, synthetic

Sep , (c) determining a second polymeric interface control agent that assists said Al in said Al first polymer blend to evince the user defined characteristic for the disclosure are also designed only for water sensitive Al s The polymers used in this disclosure are water sensitive (Modern Plastics Encyclopedia,

May , The composition is compounded from to parts by weight of a thermoplastic polymer such as a polyamide resin and from to parts by weight of a metallic filler such as zinc powder and zinc oxide powder having a surface coated with a water repellent agent such as silane coupling agents, titanate

Apr , A superhydrophobic substrate that combines the superhydrophobic condensation effect and high enhancement ability of silver nanoparticle coated zinc oxide nanorods array (Ag@ZnO) is explored for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) The effects of water contact angle and droplet volume on the

Sep , The belt according to claim wherein said coupling agent comprises silane, and is present in said composition in an amount of up to phr The purpose of the adhesive gum is to hold the tensile member in place within the composite belt structure, thus high adhesion and tear strength properties are

AS copolymer is grafted from polybutadiene partices, and accordingly, compatibility between polybutadiene particles and AS continuous phase is excellent, and The AAS (ASA) resin is produced by adding several percents of a crosslinking agent or a grafting agent to n butyl acrylate, and emulsion polymerization is

Mar , providing a film composite having at least a first layer and a second layer, the first layer comprising (i) a polyolefin resin having at least about polypropylene by wt of the polyolefin A preferred coating for the filler is calcium stearate which is FDA compliant and readily available Organic fillers such

Feb , This invention relates to coating compositions that include water a latex polymer and a silane coupling agent agent) The compositions may be used to coat a variety of substrates, including wood, cement and fiber cement Fiber cement substrates typically are composites made from cement and filler.

Sep , The composition according to claim wherein the lubricant processing comprises zinc stearate or aluminum strearate, preferably to about (by Many wood fiber plastic composite producers still use recycled materials, but many also use off grade and virgin thermoplastics in place of or in

Nov , A process for forming a stable cellular wood plastic composite of low density comprising a mixing finely ground wood flour with plastic in an extruder to has been successfully utilized as a physical blowing agent in the foaming of low density micro cellular plastics in an extrusion process (Park, B et al

Jul , The method of claim wherein the concentration of coupling agent is less than per cent by weight of the mineral additives The method of claim The method of claim or wherein the release agent comprises a mixture of zinc stearate and calcium stearate The method of claim

Jul , The thermoplastic laminate plank of claim , wherein said thermoplastic laminate plank is suitable for outdoor installation the polymer chains that results in lower melt viscosity without reducing the strength properties of the resin, are metallic stearates such as calcium and zinc salts of stearic acid.