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Dec , When selecting nails or screws, there are good, better and best options a plain shank nail a ring shank or spiral shank nail, which will hold better than a Because of this variety, it s important to follow guidelines from preservative manufacturers to ensure fasteners don t react to the metals in the treatment.

Painting your mobile home subfloor is a great option to update your home Learn the DIY steps to have a long lasting, beautiful floor for your mobile home.

Apr , Thompson s WaterSeal is offering homeowners even more possibilities to beautify and protect their outdoor living spaces, including decks, with the expansion of their Thompson s WaterSeal Penet.

Heavy coated joist hardware specifically manufactured for the new pressure treated lumber, like Simpsons triple coated galvanized, Z Max joist hangers must be used.Stainless steel hangers are by far the best solution but also the most expensive deck building basics Aluminum, lead and copper flashing should have a

Sep , Properly used, the Senco Mantis Deck Clip System leaves a gap consistently between boards The deck and starter clips are designed to fit the three most common groove heights in manufactured deck boards while the finish clips are universal The Mantis clips are made from high strength steel

Jul , The Handyguys review some of the features of Brian s IPE deck We look at the ipe railings, support beam, hidden wiring system, bolder step, and wood I will be careful to not over apply and follow manufacturer s instructions I ve let my Ipe weather for the recommended months and I ve given it a light

Sep , GAF claims the title of largest commercial and residential roofing manufacturer in North America It s been around since Installations started in April The development process there offers a case study in how to merge best practices from the existing roofing industry into the new frontier of solar roofs.

May , pring doesn t really exist anymore The belief that a season actually occurs between that last dumping of snow and when your smartphone weather apps start to sweat is mythical at best What we get now is essentially a two week meteorological reprieve during which we need to squeeze three months

Learn which manufactured home renovations pay you back the most when you sell your home Get the most bang for your For example, while you may want a new sink, adding more cabinet space would be a better way to spend your resources One thing to always Home Additions manufactured home decking idea

Jan , TechShield is sheathing manufacture by Louisiana Pacific (LP) that has a layer of aluminum laminated onto one side creating a radiant barrier Per LP, TechShield is original and leading radiant barrier sheathing Installation is no different than a typical four by eight sheets of decking For the consumer this

May , I m convinced that there s no better way to learn how to tackle home improvement projects than following a licensed contractor through a build If you enjoy this As you may remember, the crew planned the joist spacing at oc since they were installing a manufactured composite decking surface.

This great manufactured home remodel includes new siding, decking, landscaping and a complete interior makeover, including the full basement By cashing in her and using it to by the home outright, she was able to make the best of a bad situation and ultimately ended up with a beautiful mortgage free home.

If you plan to hike off trail in mountainous terrain, the MSR Evo Ascent snowshoe is the best choice because it has very durable decking, a secure three strap binding, and a televator Unfortunately, they re only Support , where we actually field test the products we review If you make a purchase after

Understanding how manufactured homes are constructed can help you buy and remodel a home Knowing the process helps you plan better and save money.

Jan , Learn the best manufactured home remodeling projects based on its return on investment Lots of great for smaller homes states that a × foot wooden deck can cost upwards of , and adds , in value, of the cost, according to the Remodeling Magazine survey.

Spray Forget Oz Bottle House and Deck Cleaner This is the most unique cleaner we are listing It is unique because of the ease of use it provides! The name pretty much sums it up All you have to do is spray and forget! It gets rid of green and black stains (caused by algae, mold, and mildew) This cleaner doesn t

The very first question I asked the guy at the manufacturing plant was I ve heard composite decks are low maintenance, blah, blah, blah But there must be some maintenance required Right The best thing to do is to visit a Lowe s store and stop by the Contractors Sales Desk They have designs on hand for you to pick

Jul , Greenworks reduces the friction in the wheels enough to overcome that weight And overall, there s a nice stiffness to the build that s even a notch better than my gas mower Greenworks V Lawn Mower A inch deck is somewhat of a luxury with a cordless lawn mower Most are still in the inch

If your deck has seen better days, there may be another solution besides replacing the entire thing! Check out how to restore your deck, instead of replacing it!.

Aug , may be one of the better manufacturers of this product but again there is green washing in their marketing I looked up their MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the content and they list Wood Fiber at , Polyethylene (HDPE) at and Carbon Black at Elsewhere they say that there is

Apr , The material is costly to manufacturers of raised beds, and this cost is reflected in the price Sure, old deck boards could be used to make a raised garden bed, just be sure the boards haven t been treated Use a shovel or pry bar to break up the subsoil best as you can to a depth of or more.

I have looked for a list of RV Manufacturers that have gone out of business recently, but I cannot find one Can you help ANSWER GET RIPPED OFF HELP Comment From RVing Al You might want to read the answer I gave to What Is The Best RV Extended Warranty Plan and hopefully that will be helpful to you.